Sacai Nike Blazer Mid White Grey BV0072-100

Release Date:  Thu 10 Oct 2019   8:00 AM GMT

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Sacai Nike Blazer Mid White Grey is coming with a clean and crisp Wintery look right on time! This collab...Read More

Sacai Nike Blazer Mid White Grey is coming with a clean and crisp Wintery look right on time! This collab between the two iconic labels is not going off-trend anytime soon because they keep unveiling stunners with season-perfect looks. They are obviously more fond of LDV Waffles. But the Blazer Mid boots are the current hype-makers. Even after so many LDV Waffles and Blazer Mids, we are not bored with their classic features and quirky hints. This collab may be the only one that is here to rule over the sneaker realms for quite a long time! The double-layer Swooshes or two tongue tabs, and all the other stylish contemporary features are here to stay.

A few weeks ago on September, we saw Sacai Nike team-up for the Autumn collection only on LDV Waffles. The Green Pink, Black, and Wolf Grey themes were all toned and lined up for the season. This week, we are getting two Blazer Mids for the upcoming Winter parties! As a result, you can show off your stunts with these boots on the snowy lanes. Follow FastSoleUK to check out the Black Grey boot.

Squeaky clean white and ash-grey leather layers overlap each other for the timeless Sacai Nike look. Two Nike Swooshes and two tongue tabs, and white plastic overlays bring out the usual double-take flair. Dual brandings logos pop up on the tongues and collar counter.

Sacai Nike Blazer Mid Blue and Yellow can still be yours if you look for them on our site. Now it’s time to get some Winter-ready themes like these upcoming shoes. Because of the Winter days, the two labels are taking fuel from the chilly vibes. This White Grey pair is releasing alongside a Black Grey. Let us know which one you want for your sneaker fashion.

Sacai Nike Blazer Mid White Grey releases October 10th via listed UK and European retailers.


Image Credit : sneakerfiles.com

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