adidas Nite Jogger Core Black BD7954

Release Date:  Wed 10 Apr 2019   11:00 PM GMT

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adidas Nite Jogger Core Black is the only pair that you need to have a score boost to your sneaker...Read More

adidas Nite Jogger Core Black is the only pair that you need to have a score boost to your sneaker game! There is a huge parade of Nite Joggers coming with all colours and attitudes you deserve. All of them are going to mess with your mind because it will hard to pick a single theme from the stack! This particular pitch black monstrosity is one of the boldest ideas to stride and strike in this Spring/Summer line-up! The classic contemporaries are back with several colour palettes and higher definition features to rule the entire year. Nothing holds a candle against its fearless attitude and street ready aura. The deep and dark shade of black spreads all over in a monochromatic way leaving nothing untouched. Since ink black matches every outfit, this kick is the only one you can flaunt every day!

Some quirky and Fall-esque colourways tend to be a little sweet and sugary regarding the season. But this black beast matador doesn’t care about the colourfulness! It wears the mystique ebony theme like an armour! Follow @FastSoleUK for more. If you pick any platter from the collection, you will shoot the score high right away.

It takes inspirations from the vintage 1980’s beasts that have an explicit flair and fearlessness. The upgrades in its features, tools, and engineering make it more contemporary and season-perfect. Black hits everything on the top including the net-mesh layers, velvety suede overlays, laces, canvas tongue, satin textile patches and the inner lining. The construction makes sure to allow maximum airflow to keep you fresh everytime you hit the road. Plastic heel plate and the bouncy Boost slab hit a tonal black to catch up with the theme. A lighter hue on the three stripes let them pop up.

adidas Nite Jogger Core Black releases April 11th via listed UK and European retailers.

Image Credit: adidas.co.uk

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