Hasbro PUMA RS-X Transformers Bumblebee 370404-01

Release Date:  Thu 22 Nov 2018   8:00 AM GMT

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Another Autobot will attack the streets! Hasbro PUMA RS-X Transformers Bumblebee joins the street-wrecking collection of the most crucial partnership. Take your childhood with you anywhere you go and feel the safety like the comforting blanket used to give you! This pack celebrates the two famous Autobots, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. This shoe, along with the sibling-kick, might not have the super transforming power, but it does have highly engineered features!

The high-quality suede, nubuck, and mesh ensure a comfy construction for you and keeps you safe from injuries. The reliability and the robust feel must be from the Autobots! Follow @FastSoleUK for more.

The Puma Formstrip and the collaboration logo mark the partnership of the two, and the Autobot signature pops from the heel. The usual Bumblee character jumps out from the colourway. Yellow and black paint this beast with proper “tech-like” vibe. Puma’s patented RS Tech is ensured on the midsole. This quirky theme is good with any outfit and occasion you want! Hasbro PUMA RS-X Transformers Bumblebee releases November 22nd via listed UK and European retailers.

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