Puma XS 7000 Disc Story Grey Bridal Rose 373557-01

Release Date:  Thu 14 Jan 2021   11:00 PM GMT

£ 134

Style Code: 373557-01


Nothing can ever look better than the Puma XS 7000 Disc Story Grey Bridal Rose! This silo from the Italian...Read More

Nothing can ever look better than the Puma XS 7000 Disc Story Grey Bridal Rose! This silo from the Italian sneaker stunners is magnificent in every sense, and let’s not even start with the engineering. Puma street beasts have always been a big part of anyone who aims at high sneaker scores. As a result, you have to remember that this one will be among the ones that fly off faster than the lightning! Besides, the colour scheme is super winter-friendly. A barely bridal rose pink shade combines with teal blue for an amazing contrast. As for the rest of this silo, it goes cream white all over, with some subtle black hints.

The suede and nylon materials are never worrisome because these layers are the most effective to keep your feet comfy. However, the premium leather layers play another vital role in keeping you safe from outside shocks. When it comes to comfort or confidence, these Puma XS 7000 trainers for running are the best! You can adjust the shoe with the dial on the tongue tab and stride ahead without any second thought. Also, the colour scheme is perfect for any outfit and occasion. Just slip into this stunning silo; you have no more tension. Follow us on FastSoleUK to check out the sibling pairs. So far, we know about another theme for Disc Story- Grey Energy Peach or the OG Capri Breeze White.

The colourway name Bridal Rose is enough to make this silo feel cuddly. Besides, the aqua teal blue accents are a gorgeous addition too. A light dusty beige shade on the rest of the suede-mesh upper body goes soft, including the Puma formstrip on the sidewall. The pink tongue tab contains the button and laces with tonal hues. But the teal blue accents pop up brightly too. Likewise, the blue suede collar and some more pops team up together. A pink Puma logo on the heel, white XS 7000 midsole, and pink outsole finish off the design.

Heads-up for you ends here. This Puma XS 7000 Disc Story Grey Bridal Rose will be up for grabs on January 14th. Make sure to capture it via listed UK and European retailers when it arrives.

Image Credit: overkillshop.com

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