Nike React Element 55 Light Navy BQ6166-402

Release Date:  Fri 12 Apr 2019   8:00 AM GMT

£ 115

Style Code: BQ6166-402


Nike React Element 55 Light Navy is the final ticket to the Spring race this month! It’s a must-cop for...Read More

Nike React Element 55 Light Navy is the final ticket to the Spring race this month! It’s a must-cop for you if you really want an upgrade to your sneaker scores. The lucid navy colour palette will be hard to handle and also trying to ignore. The sassy theme will steal the show right after it drops. The colour palette is too chic for anyone to overlook! On top of that, the high-quality materials and the features are engineered and upgraded more to keep up with the changing season. What captures your heart is the smart combination of colours. The main attribute of this particular design is the highly contemporary structure and street-ready vibes. It looks combat-ready because of the rip-stop material and weather-proof walls. Besides, the React midsole is impressive on any track! It keeps your steps light and snug.

The blue shade spreads all over reminiscing the Spring sky that is so fresh and scented. It’s not easy to look away from it because it deserves all your attention! This kick is perfect for all-season stride not just for the colourway, but also for the highly engineered construction. Follow @FastSoleUK for more details.

This beast jumps into the contemporary racks with even higher upgrades and foot-friendly features. The walls retain the shape even after the hardest and swiftest strikes! You already know the wonders of the bouncy and robust React sole. The cog&wheel inserts make sure every strike you take are cushioned and supported. A flexible nylon crafts the upper and has the posh light navy hue, which includes the suede tongue. An overly stretched white Swoosh on the sidewall and the navy plastic heel-support keep up the style. White React midsole, tan, brown sole inserts, and white brandings finish the look. The combination of the materials makes sure your performance is on point. You can finally start planning all the adventures you were always putting off.

Nike React Element 55 Light Navy releases April 12th via listed UK and European retailers.

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