adidas Womens Ultra Boost DB3210

Release Date:  Thu 04 Apr 2019   11:00 PM GMT

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You cannot tame the Boost beast that’s due this season! adidas Womens Ultra Boost will not want to be captured...Read More

You cannot tame the Boost beast that’s due this season! adidas Womens Ultra Boost will not want to be captured unless you keep up the pace. It’s for the ladies only, but the colour palette is nowhere near girly! The bold pitch black and flickering Primeknit design look good with any outfit you throw on. It’s the best runner and the best foot buddy for all your daily runs and strides. If you are going to miss out on it, then at least make sure that you have a solid reason for that! A little bit of higher engineering and upgrades made this Boost stunner incredible. If you cop it now, then you are all set for the rest of the year because it keeps you safe and comfy all year long. Besides, the colour platter suits all your moods, occasions, and outfits. Black and white is the classic and dramatic theme that never takes “No” for an answer.

By copping it, you’ll get an instant score boost for the season. The gym fitness, confident walks, and sassy street-ready looks all collide with its jazzy B&W theme. Follow @FastSoleUK for further details and have a look at the other Ultra Boosts.

You don’t even have to worry about injuring your feet while showing off your stunts on risky tracks or tricky ones. The PK foot wrap retains the shape of your feet even after sudden jumps and steps. Black PK-top has silver white flecks as a starry night detailing. Matte black synthetic foot cage, white heel cap, black inner lining, and white Boost slab show off fantastic teamwork. You can jump or run all you want but won’t hurt your feet because the cushioned Boost and the PK will help you to land securely and safely. The energy-back feature of the Boost unit is a blessing indeed!

adidas Womens Ultra Boost releases April 4th via listed UK and European retailers.

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