adidas Yeezy Boost 450 Cloud White H68038

Release Date:  Sat 06 Mar 2021   7:00 AM GMT

£ 142

Style Code: H68038


The first look at the adidas Yeezy Boost 450 Cloud White will definitely make you question all the sneakers you...Read More

The first look at the adidas Yeezy Boost 450 Cloud White will definitely make you question all the sneakers you have grabbed so far. Of course, that’s only for people who love to flaunt aggressively designed trainers for running. However, this Yzy beast pair is suitable for everyone since the colour scheme is nothing bold. A soft and subtle spread of Cloud White takes over the entire upper, and the TPU case pops with extra brightness. You must be wondering why this shoe has such an intimidating look. But let us ask you one thing, have you ever seen Kanye West dropping a silo that never stirred up a crowd? One of many reasons behind the cage style design is to intrigue people. See what the multi-hyphenate did there?

Following the footprints of Yeezy Boost classics, this 450 series will come with the same materials, more or less. First of all, the stretchy mesh knit upper body is a full-on one-piece so that the structure remains safe inside the beast-like case. When a non-fan first lays his eyes on this silo, he must think of some pre-historic beast because of the accentuated skull cage underfoot. This TPU part rises up with rib bone pillars and secures the mesh walls from each side. It’s like a paw that bites into the mesh wall. The mesh and TPU material understanding are top-notch, and make sure your feet are confident.

The colour scheme suits the “pre-historic” vibe since it almost looks like the skeleton of some beast. The creamy Cloud White upper and the crisp white TPU cover keep the silo exciting and bold indeed. You can see a similar shade on the thick laces too. The sock-like collar ensures an easy slip-on and off feature. As a result, you can never be late for work! By the way, don’t mistake this Yeezy Boost 450 to be perfect only or adventures of street stunts. It will fit in perfectly with all occasions and every mundane work. So, it’s good for the workplace too.

The integrated Boost midsole underfoot gives maximum “Boost” to your steps, helping you enjoy the ride. You can see that this time Kanye literally didn’t stamp with branding. There’s no tag or anything, except for the adidas Yeezy writing on the insole. After all, everyone knows a Yeezy when they see one! Follow FastStoleUK for more.

adidas Yeezy Boost 450 Cloud White will release on March 6th via listed UK and European retailers. Don’t miss the upcoming releases!


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