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Yeezy Knit Runner Boot Sulfur GY1824

In Stock

Release Date:03 Nov 21,7 am

Style Code:GY1824

In Stock

Release Date: 03 Nov 21, 7 am

Style Code: GY1824


Did you see? The Yeezy Knit Runner Boot Sulfur looks extremely bold and fashionable at the same time, and that’s simply on being a Yzy release

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Did you see? The Yeezy Knit Runner Boot Sulfur looks extremely bold and fashionable at the same time, and that’s simply on being a Yzy release! We’re pretty sure none of you has ever seen a running boot this bold and intimidating. However, a true sneaker collector knows that as long as it’s Kanye’s (Is it Ye already?) Yeezy boots, anything is possible. And let’s not even talk about how vibrant the Sulfur colour palette is. The bright yellow shoe and the cream tones will make their way into the winter sneaker race smoothly.

If anything, Kanye (Let’s just stick to calling him “Kanye” as we always have?) West never repurposes his old designs without a twist in them. Now, the thing is, we can’t figure out what this adidas Knit Runner Boot resembles. But that’s not anyone’s concern as long as the boot is perfect for winter days, adventures, strolls, and sports. And to no one’s surprise, this boot actually is all of those! You can plan your November and December activities without worrying about the cold weather. Thanks to modern engineering, this Runner Boot is season-friendly because of the waterproof coating.

First of all, we know the question that might cross your mind- Is the sheen-part removable? Well, since it’s a KanYeezy boot, everything is possible! Once you remove the high-collar part from the shoe, it simply becomes a low-top casual runner that you can wear for your grocery shopping or a stroll around the block. The shoe is also revamped with the ripple sole. Follow us on FastSoleUK for more.

As you can see, the high-collar part has a velcro fastening system so that you can adjust it whenever you want. It’s made out of pure textile and allows your feet to breathe, regardless of the weather. Likewise, the rest of the Knit Runner Boot is made of premium and stretchy knit material. The walls are so soft and flexible that it’s almost like wearing socks! The removable part is dusty cream, while the adidas Yeezy shoe wears Sulfur yellow. Finally, tags like “Waterproof” and “Designed In USA” and the spiked sole finish off this shoe.

Yeezy Knit Runner Boot Sulfur will release soon via listed UK and European retailers.

Image Credit: sneakerbardetroit.com

All Release Info Yeezy Knit Runner Boot Sulfur GY1824

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Wed, 03 Nov 2021 7 am







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