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Fastsole is one of the fastest sneaker news providers of upcoming sneaker releases in the UK/Europe. We started our journey as a web portal for sneakers in 2016 with a team full of sneaker enthusiasts. FastSole provides information from renowned sneaker brands including Nike, adidas, New Balance, Converse, Puma, Vans and many more. All the information you will find on our website is authentic, collected by our dedicated team from verified sources to provide you with all the latest information you want to know about sneakers all in one place. We also post daily updates on social media at @FastSoleUK.

With just a few clicks, we will direct you to the trendiest new sneakers via our web portal for all the contemporary sneaker brands. We provide the precise release dates, accurate times and stockists for sneaker releases. FastSole prevents you from having to run across the web to find out about your favourite sneaker models. We also help sneaker lovers keep up with the current affairs of the sneaker world by bringing you the most updated and original information about sneakers.

Our articles take weeks and sometimes months of research and data collection. We gather data from the best sources around the web. We also prioritise customer feedback to find out what matters to real people who are owners and users of the products we are assessing. We believe in quality over anything else at Fastsole. Therefore, in a world where overpriced, top-of-the-line models loaded with junk are often hyped, we aim to recommend high-quality sneakers that are worth their price and won’t disappoint you.

FastSole is a place for all the sneakerheads and fashion fanatics who love to collect trendy, street-style sneakers. Whenever you are in search of new trainers for whatever purpose, FastSole is the perfect place that will provide you with exactly what you need, whenever you need it. Our aim is to show you the path and lead you to your dream sneakers.

With FastSole at your service, you will no longer need to live in fear of missing out on the latest sneakers. We publish daily articles on our website and regularly update the release information in order to present the most precise details at all times. You can count on us to deliver all the sneaker-related news that you may need when buying new sneakers.


Get To Know Our Team

Our entire team consists of individuals who all share a passion for sneakers, which makes Fastsole more than just a sneaker news site to us. And we focus on making our website every sneakerhead’s perfect go-to search tool when looking for sneakers. Our writers also have a relish for sneakers and ardently keep up with and research new sneaker models and everything about the latest sneaker world news.

Shah Aktaruzzaman | CEO

Shah Aktaruzzaman


[email protected]

From his first pair of Nike Air Max trainers, Fastsole’s CEO Shah was obsessed, not just with the Air Max, but with trainers, the casual footwear that make such a fashion statement. His passion for sneakers compelled him to start a collection, hunting down new releases and styles, and he now owns a massive sneaker collection. His continued love for sneakers inspires Shah to enable every sneakerhead out there to live their sneaker dreams and build their own collections. As a result, he made his main aim to make Fastsole Europe’s best sneaker portal. Shah did his MA in International Business from the University of Greenwich in London.

Shah also has an interest in travelling, and during his travels, he loves to search out the coolest styles, visiting both renowned sneaker stores and hidden independent stores in cities around the world. Many of his sneakers from his collection were bought from international stores on his various travels. Alongside his love of sneakers, Shah also has a love of sports. Leisure time is spent playing his favourite sports or following his favourite football or cricket teams. His expertise in sneakers certainly helps him choose the best kicks for all his games.


Simon Kalinchuk | Editor-in-Chief

Simon Kalinchuk


[email protected]

Born and raised in Newcastle, England, Fastsole’s Editor in Chief, Simon Kalinchuk, is also a very passionate sneakerhead himself. He studied Creative Writing at Northumbria University. He first started off his career as a creative content writer, writing for various organisations until he finally landed a position as the Editor in Chief. Not only is he a skilful writer himself, but his knowledge of sneakers allows him to be the best for his position as Fastsole’s Editor in Chief. Simon ensures the quality of the information we deliver via our website is always up to the mark using his unmatched management skills.

Aside from being adept as Editor, Kalinchuk also enjoys keeping up with the fast-growing fashion world and all the latest trends. His expertise exceeds the boundaries of just writing, editing and sneakers, as he also has a vast understanding of the science of fashion. Simon’s admiration for sneakers has also led him to assemble quite the collection of sneakers too.



Tracy Green | Senior Writer

Tracy Green

Senior Writer

[email protected]

Our Senior Writer, Tacey Green, was born and currently lives in Leicester, England. She graduated from Solent University with a degree in Fashion Design. Tracey loves anything related to fashion and is particularly a fan of Air Force 1 sneakers by the renowned sneaker giant ‘Nike‘, as they allow her to unleash her creative side to the fullest. She owns her very own collection of mostly personalised sneakers, which display her personal style and preferences. When it comes to recommending sneakers according to unique individual personalities and tastes, Green is indeed an expert.

Tracey also has a great passion for photography and exploring nature. She often likes to take hiking trips during the weekends, on which she wears her stylish custom-designed trainers from some of her favourite brands.




Liam Perry | Trends Writer

Liam Perry

Trends Writer

[email protected]

Liam Perry was born and raised in Southampton, England, and is currently living in London. He studied English Literature, at the University of Portsmouth. However, his love for sneakers and passion for fashion trends has made him choose a career as a Trend Writer.

Liam is skilful at keeping up with current trends in the fashion world and knows just what the people want and brings it to them. Keeping your wardrobe updated according to the latest fashion movement is not just a hobby these days but an essential part of life in the modern world. With the help of Liam’s extraordinary power to always know what’s trending at any moment in time, we at Fastsole can always bring you the hottest news related to upcoming sneaker releases. According to Liam, he cannot settle on one particular model to be his favourite, as he loves to explore new sneakers every time a new pair joins the sneaker market.




Justin Stones | Content Writer

Justin Stones

Content Creator

[email protected]

Justin Stones is our very own content writer who was born and raised in Birmingham, England. He graduated from Aston University in Birmingham with a Business degree. Justin is our team’s biggest sneakerhead and loves collecting vintage sneakers from all the renowned brands. His favourite sneaker model is the Air Jordan 1, which surely many other sneaker lovers can relate to.

Justin has been a part of Fastsole for a very long time and gained expertise not only in sneakers but also in understanding the user’s preferences. Together with the rest of the team, Justin brings you informative content here at Fastsole, which helps you decide and always choose the best shoes for you.




Company Information

Fastsole Private Ltd 16 Windermere Court 22 Trinity Trees Eastbourne United Kingdom BN21 3LE

Email: [email protected]

Fastsole Private Ltd is registered in England & Wales with company number 10812528



What can I expect from Fastsole? – You can expect updated confirmed release time, stockists and direct links to all the upcoming and hot sneaker releases.

Do you sell sneakers? – We don’t sell sneakers, we provide information with direct links to upcoming and released sneakers.

Can you find a sneaker I’m looking for? – Our team will find any sneaker if it has been released in Europe and is currently available. Just mail us: [email protected] or give us a shout on our social media pages.



Fastsole Private Ltd.

16 Windermere Court 22 Trinity Trees Eastbourne United Kingdom BN21 3LE

[email protected]

* Fastsole Private Ltd is registered in England & Wales with company number 10812528


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