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Nike Air Max 97 Mens & Womens

The blazing range of Air Max shoes from Nike has always rumbled in the sneaker industry. And what other sneakers rather than the Nike Air Max 97 will be more appropriate to represent this famous shoe line? It has been now more than 20 years, and the legacy of the Air Max 97 is still running young. It was the year 1997 when James Cameron made the "Titanic" sunk, and Nike started their sail with the Air Max 97. Since then, it has seen colours, fame and fortune stories of itself to tell. Let's dig deep into the life of Nike Air Max 97.

Trending Nike Air Max 97 for Mens and Womens

The sneaker world changes every day. New tales come all the time. Present time trend changes like an Olympic sprinter. Some sneakers live up to a small period. But a few are destined to travel beyond the count of days. The Nike Air Max 97 is among one of those few lucky sneakers. It has elevated Its sneaker status visiting with the Nike Air Max 97 and Nike Air Max 97 womens as an uncompromising fashion gemstone in both the gender sector. There is even a day in the year to celebrate the Air Max which is March 26th. How many sneakers do we have seen to have it?

Air Max 97 changed the sneaker game in many ways. And all credit goes to designer Christian Tresser who created this timeless masterpiece. Nike Air Max 97 popularized the Air technology though it was invented years ago. The path of success was laid by the Air Max 95 that debuted the visible forefoot air in 1995 and succeeded in a more sports-centric sneaker market. When Air Max 97 released, the path of a new performance running shoe was already set by its predecessor, the AM 95. The Air Max 97 brought a full-length bubble Air unit. Tresser's mountain biking love made an impact on the design and colour of the shoe as bikes of that time had a metallic silver finish which resonated on the sneaker. The famous "bullet train" gossip was more of a marketing strategy by Nike. Veteran Nike ambassadors like Carl Lewis and Michael Thompson promoted the sneaker during the ads.

The sneaker was no doubt a global hit with its striking look and catching with the era of new technology. But Air Max 97 has a fabulous relation with Italy since its release. A sneaker that was perfect of its time was also made its entry into the Italian fashion world. Further, the graffiti artists of that time in Italy found it very pleasing to pose for their freshly made masterpiece with a pair of the AM 97. So, Nike commemorated this love of the Italian's with time to time creations like "Made In Italy" series and some colourways like Nike Air Max 97 grey, Nike Air Max 97 Blue, Nike Air Max 97 yellow and women's like with the Nike Air Max 97 pink. Leather versions like Nike Air Max 97 black also appeared. But one thing stayed the same; whatever the colour was, Air Max 97 ruled it.

Over the year the sneaker world has experienced a lot of Air Max 97 releases. There have been many great collaborations based on this shoe. Some exciting colour drop like Nike Air Max 97 gold came in 1999. A wide and light version of the OG style sneaker came as the Nike Air Max 97 ultra. The sneaker had many things that stated it to an elevated level of innovation like a new lacing system that hid the lace holder beneath the side panel and the memorable lines. People incorporated it with speed, a unique statement in footwear fashion. As a result, the sneaker is breathing fresh release air till this day. We have seen in recent years Nike has cultivated the culture of mixing their favourite model. It resulted in the drop of Nike Air Max 97 plus, which infused all the quality and beauty with the Air Max 97 and caught the attention of both the model's fanbase.

Either you are a seasoned sneaker enthusiast or a fresh mind in the game, the Nike Air Max 97 mens and Womens have conceived a long, strong cultural heritage in history that you can not deny the crave of having the latest release pair of your own.