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Nobody can argue that the Nike Air Max 97 is one of the sassiest runners in the Swoosh running league! A streamlined design and the cleanest look, that's all it took for this silo to become an influential presence in the sneaker culture. Christian Tresser designed this runner with the bullet trains in Japan in mind. As a result, this one runs with the wind if not as fast as the trains! The savvy and ultra-contemporary appearances are the reasons why the wearer stands out in a crowd. Moreover, if your sneaker scores are low, a single pair of Air Max 97 can come to the rescue!

A blazing streak of Air Max range started to change the map of Swoosh kicks way back in the 90s with the first masterpiece, Air Max 1, by designer Tinker Hatfield. Gradually, the design and the high-tech engineering of the AIR cushioning pod gained more exposure. So, we got Air Max 90 and Air Max 95 soon after. The winning spree didn't end because the Air Max 97 came blasting out! And guess what? Even after the mind-blowing innovative technology of Air Max 95 that first introduced two AIR units, this one went utterly crazy by having a full-length AIR midsole.

Wait, there's more. The Air Max 97 also came with the hidden lacing system to ensure maximum security and comfort for the wearer. These days, an innovation or a brand new technology is not that exciting since we are living in an era that's built for high-tech stuff! However, this silo still manages to stay on the top-favourite list of every sneakerhead all around the world.

Air Max 97 Silver Bullet was the first-ever game-changer that struck us with its energetic yet straightforward appeal! The nylon mesh inner layer, leather pipes and waves, smooth leather mudguard, and the cushy tongue tab are all of extremely high-quality to this date. Tresser used a Silver Bullet colour scheme for the entire upper body and made the Nike Swoosh logo pop up with bright crimson red. Obviously, back then, he had no idea that his design would be popular 25+ years later.

The Air Max 97 OG pair became a street-monster right away! Since then, we got many more colourways, collaborations, hybrids, and unique features also. Besides, the "Silver Bullet" theme is still inspiring other Swoosh kicks. The shimmering upper body is impossible to miss. On top of that, the full-length AIR Sole unit is a bliss! The comfort and cushioned balance is perfect for an athlete and also for a lazy walker.

The design was somewhat forgotten, but only for a brief period. 2017 restock of the Silver Bullet quickly made the shoe spring back in the game! We got Men's' Nike Air Max 97 and some Women's Air Max 97 colour palettes too. Whatever theme it is, these shoes rock it boldly. Similarly, it flaunts the 360-degree cushioning from the footbed and the flexible walls.

It's the high-heat appeal and the comfortable features that lead to many collaborations—for example, Virgil Abloh's Off-White.

To learn more about all the Nike Air Max 97 releases, keep up with our updates on FastSoleUK. You don't want to miss out on the latest innovative versions like Air Max 97 Ultra or Air Max 97 Plus!