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Nike Air Max 95 Mens & Womens

Some sneakers become so great through time that it travels beyond a generation. Along the way, they bring drastic changes to the likeness of the mass. The birth of Nike Air Max 95 was such a story. It has been two decades since Nike debuted the Nike Air Max 95. But the sneaker is still running strong when it comes to rule the street style even in today's standard. A sneaker that is so great that so many myths and meanings have been circling it in diverse subcultures. It paved a new era for performance running sneaker. The success of the sneaker later gave birth to many famous Air Max sneakers like the Air Max 97, Air Max 98 and others. The Nike Air Max 95 is to some to desire and to some to deride.

 Nike has always been a very promising when it comes to patching up with and cultivating the influential designer minds of every era. Nike's sneaker design proves that the boundaries do not restrict its design associates. Back in the past, designers like Tinker Hatfield, Bruce Kilgore and many other top names were working with Nike. This culture continues to today's era as the talent like Virgil Abloh, and Samuel Ross is now the front line of fashionable sneaker design with whom Nike has created a good bond. And it has benefitted Nike in as their sneaker lines are getting more excited attention with growth in quality also. Nike has always been supportive of young designer and open to their ideas. One such celebrated name is Sergio Lozano, who started working with Nike back in the '90s. Nike allowed him to venture his ideas on a new sneaker and thus the legendary Nike Air Max 95 born.

 Lozano was working on the ACG before the Air Max 95. His office had a lake facing the window, and while one day relaxing during work, a new sneaker concept came to him that he described the shoe would be resulted by erosion. At the time when basketball shoes were the ruling the fashion era, Sergio Lozano's brilliance and confident design paid off Nike's plan to reinvigorate their running shoe lines. The 1995 release Nike Air Max 95 OG was inspired by human anatomy. The outsole reflects on the human body's spine structure while the lacing system takes inspiring notes from the ribs. The upper has a layered synthetic suede construction with compression moulded that will give maximum support for a long time. With the grey hue and the neon yellow, the colour palette represented Nike's racing heritage. The sneaker was so strong and bold in design that even with the minimal Swoosh logo Nike Air Max 95 mens announced that only Nike could be this much innovative in the sneaker world.  The ladies also embraced the fashion with the Nike Air Max 95 womens. The mesh overlays delivered the right amount of ventilation on the entire top of the foot.

 Nike Air Max 95 has been heavily embraced by hip-hop society. Rappers like Eminem, Gucci Mane and many more were a fan of the sneaker, and some even mentioned it on their hit numbers. The sneaker also made into the world of comics. As demand changes over time, Nike brought a new view on the AM 95. With Nike's desire to break new boundaries, they slightly altered the classic AM 95 and created a more slim looking Nike Air Max 95 Ultra SE still featuring the traditional two Air Unit system but in a more sleek design. Among all of the 95's the Ultra SE gives you the most lightweight and cushioned experience you will ever get.

 Over the Nike revisited their legendary Nike Air Max 95 in many iterations with the difference in contrast. We have seen Nike Air Max 95 black and Nike Air Max 95 green to the important ones. But for those who crave the OG vibe, the Nike Air Max 95 Essential pair is the ultimate one that stays true to the 90's first drop. This sneaker doesn't touch a stitch but keeps Lozano's vision to the purest.

Nike Air Max 95 has become an age-old fine wine. The sneaker's design, innovation, aspiration; all of them have placed it to another level. What started released in 1995 now set to live long more than two decades. So, don't forget to race the mile with your favourite pair of Nike Air Max 95.