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Adidas is a giant of the sneakers industry which has pushed European Sneaker brands forward alongside it. The extensive history of Adidas has seen countless successful launches over the years. These releases have challenged the competition continuously with innovative technology and design. The ingenuity of the several advancements that came about thanks to Adidas is not lost on anyone.

What is Adidas Continental?

The Adidas Continental 80 made its re-debut back in June of 2018. The reason it's termed as a re-debut is that this sneaker actually made its real first debut back in the late 1980s when it was known as the Adidas Continental. Upon its initial release, the adidas Continental was heavily influenced by older adidas tennis shoes with a big emphasis on minimalism. The German giants felt that less was more when it came to this model and had hoped that the simplicity and versatility of the shoe would be a selling point for their customers. Surprisingly, the Adidas Continental did was a bust in terms of sales or overall relevance. It only lasted for a little while before being discontinued. Oddly enough, when the re-debut was quite successful to the point where it's a big success story for Adidas in the last few years. 

Is Adidas Continental 80 comfortable?

As a sneaker that has gained popularity for its simplicity in an age of over-the-top sneaker design and technology, the Adidas Continental 80 does stand out. But that doesn't mean it is entirely obsolete in terms of comfortability. 

The Adidas Continental 80s are comfortable sneakers for casual wear. They are great to wear for walking or kicking around town, travelling or running errands. The soft leather has decent give, making the Adidas Continental 80 a really comfortable choice for people with wider feet. Despite having a snug fit primarily, the flat feeling, hard midsole, results in mediocre support and cushioning for the arches of the feet. It is suitable for light use, but extensive use might be another matter entirely. 

Why do Adidas shoes say Continental?

Continental Tire and Adidas are both German companies that collaborated to develop the outsole for various Adidas Boost variants. Continental used their experience in rubber formulations making tires to help develop the outsole on particular Adidas shoes. The rubber compound was developed based on the needs Adidas specified for traction, durability and tread design. This collaboration helped to give the Adidas Continental 80 its base and also the name. As far as collaborations go, this one definitely bore fruit in the long run. 

The Adidas Continental 80 sneakers are like a blast from the past with the retro design aesthetics, coupled with Adidas' expertise in the market, it has carved out its own place in history in a short period of time. Capitalising on that sweet nostalgia factor, Adidas got all sneakerheads hook, line and sinker. 

For all the details on the Adidas Continental 80, check out the FastSoleUK website.