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adidas Nite Jogger Releases

The Adidas Nite Jogger is a unique attempt on Adidas' part to make a sneaker for the night time. With a theme of reflectivity around it, this Adidas Nite Jogger is perfect for the people who are out and about during the night, hustling and grinding away at life. The sneaker made its underground debut in 2018 with several night dwellers out and about flaunting their new kicks.


The sneaker is a blend of old school and new school in the sense that it took inspiration from the olden days and paired all that up with modern ingenuity of sneaker design. The end product of all this was an excellent sneaker. The old school vis-tech upper goes on top of a full-length BOOST midsole, while reflective details refine the design. As it is made for the night, the Adidas Nite Jogger really stands out in a dark environment. Without a doubt, it lives up to the reputation that the German sneaker giants have established over the past few decades. The sneaker got its official release in 2019 at a special event held in South London.


As a modern sneaker in an industry filled with constant release cycles going live over the course of the whole year, the Adidas Nite Jogger carved out its own niche for itself to operate and expand upon in the future. After only being out for a year or so, the buzz around it all is already considerable. That just goes to show that Adidas has yet another winner on their hands with this gem of a shoe. They don't ever shy away from flipping the script after all. But that is to be expected from giants on the level of Adidas. 


Sneakerheads love some ingenuity in their sneaker designs. The Adidas Nite Jogger brings all that and more in spades. Understanding the culture around sneakers is very important for it to succeed and who better than a veteran of the business to lead the way. The Adidas Nite Jogger is by no means a lazy attempt at a cash grab, with multiple colourways out already in under two years of activity, it's making waves in the market and keeping the competition on their toes. Sneakerheads and general consumers alike are attracted to the vibe of these sneakers, further lending to its success. 


For more details and information on the Adidas Nite Jogger, check out the FastSoleUK website.