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A Look at Bukayo Saka’s Signature New Balance Boot

10 April 2023


Justin Stones

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A Look at Bukayo Saka's Signature New Balance Boot featured image

Introducing Bukayo Saka’s boot with New Balance, the Furon v7 Signature edition. Being exposed to a broadside of racist abuse throughout his career, this release is significant as it represents Saka’s commitment to standing up against discrimination in all forms. The boot is a sleek red design with a baroque oak leaf print, embodying the Ealing glory that Saka has brought to the club since breaking into the first team. For sneakerheads, this is a must-have release. Let’s have a closer look at what makes this shoe so special.

A Look at Bukayo Saka's Signature New Balance Boot lifestyle 01

The Ealing-born youngster has had a phenomenal season.

Bukayo Saka has been having a sensational season, and his rise was marked last week when he unveiled his first-ever boot with New Balance – The Furon v7 Signature Edition. In this milestone season, the Ealing youngster has earned a spot in Mikel Arteta’s side as one of the starting XI players making him an indispensable asset to the Arsenal squad. His revolutionary ‘Signature’ boot emphasizes the importance of his role in teams and solidifies his name before any of us have even had time to say ‘Saka Uhuru’. As Sneakerheads continue to drool over these limited edition kicks, it’s clear for all to see that Bukayo is at the top of his game both on and off the pitch.

A Look at Bukayo Saka's Signature New Balance Boot lifestyle 02

Major inspiration from his hometown club.

It has been impressive of Bukayo Saka to release his signature boot with New Balance – the Furon v7 Signature edition. Paying homage to his hometown club, this stylish pair is inspired by those proud colours and everything dear to Bukayo’s upbringing. It won’t be long before this heat rocks NBA courts and the world because you know what they say “hotness sells itself”. We can’t wait to see some iconic looks outside of matchday as well! Talk about making an entrance, huh? Now that’s what we call a game-changing sneaker release!

A Look at Bukayo Saka's Signature New Balance Boot lifestyle 03

Colours of Ealing Borough FC, Saka’s first senior club.

New Balance has just dropped their latest and hottest signature boot, designed in collaboration with young gun Bukayo Saka. Representing the young player’s journey to stardom is the unique Furon v7 model: the first of its kind and absolutely fire! The design takes inspiration from two teams close to Saka’s heart: Ealing Borough FC, where he served as a senior player, and Arsenal, his current team. With Ealing Borough’s colourway paired with the Arsenal crest and silver touches that bear Saka’s signature, this is one sneaker you don’t want to sleep on! With drops like these coming from New Balance, we know it won’t be too long before we see another iconic boot emerging. Keep your eyes peeled!

A Look at Bukayo Saka's Signature New Balance Boot lifestyle 04

Young talents enter the family.

The iconic New Balance Furon v7 Signature Edition, with the face of the hottest young talent in world football stamped on it, is a game-changing move for both Bukayo Saka and the sneaker game. Not only does he get to flex his impressive skills on the pitch with these flashy freshwater kicks, but he also has a new opportunity to reach fans worldwide who admire his electrifying performances. Undoubtedly, wearing one of New Balance’s highly technical and aesthetically pleasing boots will take game-day style to another level. He’s officially part of the fam now, so you know what time it is – it looks like we have another blazing edition from NB to cop!

A Look at Bukayo Saka's Signature New Balance Boot lifestyle 05

Bukayo Saka’s journey to the top has been remarkable, and his New Balance Furon v7 Signature Edition boots represent both his hard work and a huge step in his career. This boot will be remembered as one of the greats, with its bold Arsenal crest and the colours of Ealing Borough FC etched into the heel. It’s a statement from an emergent superstar, from whom we can expect plenty more success in coming years, and a show of faith from New Balance that only underscores their standing as one of the leading boot makers in football. As for Saka himself, he’s made sure no matter how far he strides, Ealing will always remain close by. His debut model is heat on feet – both figuratively and literally. Keep ’em peeled!

A Look at Bukayo Saka's Signature New Balance Boot lifestyle 06

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