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Closer Look At Nike Air Force 1 Mid Izakaya

25 January 2023

Closer Look

Justin Stones

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Closer Look At Nike Air Force 1 Mid Izakaya featured image

Have a Closer Look At Nike Air Force 1 Mid Izakaya! The genius behind this silo is unimaginable. A Japanese-style sneaker with branding that is so deep to think about, it could make your head spin. We will take you along for a deep dive at Air Force 1. The colour path is soothing; the design is the OG Air Force 1, and the name… that’s where we all sit back and notice. In an artistic nature, this silo ticks for everything.

Closer Look At Nike Air Force 1 Mid Izakaya 01

From style to art to comfy to durability. So it is high time to dwell in this silo even more, as more people have their eyes on it. So make sure to capture one when it hits the market. Also, see the Complete Guide for Air Force 1 to see if this silo is right for you. You can also see FastSole and today’s launch as we pick up more content daily! It is important if you are into unique silos. And this month, there are so many unique releases. Like Nike Air Force 1 Low Craft Tan.

Closer Look At Nike Air Force 1 Mid Izakaya 02

To understand the meaning, Izakaya is a Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks and is usually frequented after a difficult day’s work. If we break it down, the phrase derives from ‘iru’, which means to stay and ‘sakaya’, which means a sake shop. You will also learn that the Swoosh now pays homage to the legendary Japanese consuming dens with their present Air Force 1. So we can say that the ‘Izakaya’ is ready to launch this month.

Closer Look At Nike Air Force 1 Mid Izakaya 03

Celebrating 40 years of the iconic silhouette, the AF-1 ‘Izakaya’ is loaded with lots of candies referencing izakaya culture, which includes a receipt on the tongue that pays homage to a lengthy night at the bar. Whether Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, sizzling bacon or pure caught lobsters, meals and drinks have mostly influenced Nike and its layout teams to make numerous sneakers. And this season, the Swoosh is constructing its succulent sneaker catalogue with a brand new Nike Air Force 1 Mid profile that will pay tribute to Japanese Izakaya culture.

Closer Look At Nike Air Force 1 Mid Izakaya 04

Given that often in Izakaya culture, people will rack up lots of smaller meals and various drinks. The Beaverton-based brand involved a receipt embellishment that sticks out from the tongues. Instead of meal items, the receipt details a timeline of numerous years over the silhouette’s 40-year lifespan. Lateral heels also show astonishing elements, the correct shoe embroidered with Japanese figures standing side-by-side. Simultaneously, the left wall embellishes a star that possibly nods to the Japanese brewing organisation Sapporo. The shade palette focuses on the neutral and is stylish with beige overlays and straps, angelic toe boxes, quarters and throats, and strong black Swooshes.

The “Izakaya” Air Force 1 Mid dress in a shade scheme influenced by a standard izakaya, with ivory canvas used for the base of the top and beige leather-based overlays representing the wood furniture. The red star motif on the left heel is reminiscent of the Sapporo emblem. Which directs to the Japanese beer brand usually served at izakayas. Shigakari Ware is vintage Japanese pottery of a raccoon dog which means tanuki in Japanese. So usually, it is placed in brands to attract prosperity. In addition to the theme is a receipt on the tongue, comparable to the invoice received after a long night at the bar. However, the receipt prints a timeline of Air Force 1’s history rather than listing all the drinks consumed.

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Closer Look At Nike Air Force 1 Mid Izakaya 05

Product Information

Colour : Shimmer, Black, Pale Ivory, Coconut Milk

Code : DX2938-200

Release Date : TBC

Price : £120

Image Credit: Google



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