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Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022

29 December 2021


Tracy Green

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Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 featured image

The iconic Air Jordan series continues to dominate the sneaker world! With 2022 right around the corner, sneaker giant Nike has already started sharing sneak peeks of Jumpman kicks ready to launch next year. We’re here with a Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022, so read through this article to find out what Nike has in store for us!

Here’s the Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 that you have all been waiting for! It’s officially time to bid 2021 goodbye, and Nike is ready to welcome the new year in the best way possible! What better way is there to kickstart 2022 than with brand new pairs of Air Jordans? So, hurry and get in line for the upcoming trainers as soon as they arrive at the stores. Also, be sure to keep your eyes on the updates we post daily at FastSoleUK.

Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 01

Air Jordan 5 Low Arctic Pink Womens (DA8016-806)

First up from the list of new Air Jordan trainers is the ingenious Air Jordan 5. These kicks come clad in classic leather with mesh windows on the sidewalls, keeping the design remains true to the model’s roots. In addition, the iconic Sharktooth midsoles and exposed air bubble further give the shoes a retro look.

However, these trainers come with modernised upgrades which set them apart in terms of comfort and performance! You haven’t experienced comfort like the upcoming AJ5 has to offer! So, you better not miss out on this gorgeous women’s exclusive low-top AJ5. The pretty colour theme is undoubtedly wearable on all occasions, which is more reason why you’ll regret missing out!

Product Information

Colour :  Pink Red

Code :  DA8016-806

Release Date : 21 January 2022

Price : £ 190

Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 02

Air Jordan 5 Black Racer Blue (CT4838-004)

Another AJ5 draped in sleek, buttery suede and bright contrasting blue midsoles joins the upcoming lineup of Air Jordans. While the rest of the silhouette flaunts a neutral-esque look, the Sharktooth midsole’s electric blue steals the show! It’s safe to say this pair is one of the most eye-catching in the entire collection. And the hype online further proves sneaker fans are dying to get their hands on this flashy Black Racer Blue AJ5.

OG-style mesh windows on the sidewalls and the rubber outsoles provide breathability and grip, respectively. It’s never too early to gear up for the upcoming seasons, and spring 2022 isn’t too far from now. These jet-black trainers are perfect for all occasions and deserve a spot on your sneaker cop-list!

Product Information

Colour :  Black Blue

Code :  CT4838-004

Release Date : 12 February 2022

Price : £ 180

Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 03

Air Jordan 7 SE Sapphire Shimmer (DJ2636-204)

Colours, shapes and a blend of different materials, we have it all on the latest Air Jordan 7! Take a look at the stunning Sapphire Shimmer iteration that has us all compelled! You’d be lying if you said you’re not totally captivated by this seamless Jumpman sneaker. With so much layering and unique details all throughout the entire pair, it’s almost impossible to keep your eyes off of this beauty.

A speckled midsole sits underfoot, carrying the cushioning technology for comfort and boost. A rubber tread then tops off the design while ensuring effortless grip atop slippy tracks. Thus, these trainers are all in one and a must-have in your sneaker stash for spring 2022. If you still didn’t add the Sapphire Shimmer to your cop list, what are you waiting for? You best believe these sneakers will sell out fast upon release. Sneaker junkies are already breakin’ the internet with hype, and it’s safe to assume they’ll wipe out the stores within moments after these sneakers launch!

Product Information

Colour :  Beige

Code :  DJ2636-204

Release Date : 30 March 2022

Price : £ 180

Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 04

Air Jordan 6 Womens White Tiffany Blue (DQ4914-103)

No Nike collection is complete without a few pairs designed exclusively for the ladies! We’ve already seen the Air Jordan 5 Low Arctic Pink Womens in this list. Now, we have an Air Jordan 6 dressed in all white leather uppers, with subtle mint accents on the midsoles. Nike’s ingenious cushioning technology takes over the midsoles, ensuring maximum boost and comfort to the user’s every footstrike.

This stunning silhouette has it all, the comfort and speed your feet crave, and the unmatched old-school style that’s undoubtedly everyone’s favourite! The AJ6 has always been a fan-favourite, and the newfangled retro-esque makeover is once again stealing the limelight! Even though the chaos fans are causing over these trainers is no surprise, you better keep your eyes open for release updates if you want these kicks in your collection!

Product Information

Colour :  White Blue

Code :  DQ4914-103

Release Date : 08 March 2022

Price : £ 170

Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 05

Air Jordan 4 Zen Master Amethyst Wave (DH7138-506)

This Air Jordan 4′s celestial aesthetic has the entire sneaker world compelled! No matter which angle you look at these stunners from, the gorgeous theme will always have you in awe! We cannot keep our eyes off of this one, and it’s safe to state that the rest of the sneaker world agrees! From all the hype online, it’s certain that this masterpiece will sell out fast upon release. Therefore, to be on the safe side, queue up for this beast as soon as it hits the shelves!

If you love unique styles, then this AJ4 is a must-have on your cop list for spring 2022. Set all the reminders you need for this incredible pair so that you don’t miss the release! Keep in mind that this Zen Master Amethyst Wave is highly coveted and has fans eagerly waiting for the drop! You’ll definitely face some competition when it comes to buying the AJ4. And we’d love for you to succeed in copping a pair of these game-changing trainers. So, keep your eyes on the daily updates we post on our socials. You’ll find these boots at the select stores as soon as they launch, so get in line fast upon release!

Product Information

Colour :  Cement Grey

Code :  DH7138-506

Release Date : 19 March 2022

Price : £ 180

Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 06

Air Jordan 12 Playoffs Black Varsity Red (CT8013-006)

Bulky, captivating and ultra-comfy, the latest Air Jordan 12 is everything you could want in a sneaker and more! You don’t wanna regret missin’ out on this chic yet captivating new Jumpman pair, so grab a pair before sizes sell out. You’ll experience unmatched comfort with each step in these trainers! Besides, the boost and responsiveness the AJ12 delivers are unmatched!

Keep going for hours without experiencing the slightest discomfort with the upcoming AJ12. Whether you’re running, hiking, or training in these sneakers, you can effortlessly keep going all day long! The boosting technology inside the midsole helps return the energy you spend on every step to boost the next, making the ride as smooth as it can get!

Product Information

Colour :  Black White Red

Code :  CT8013-006

Release Date : 19 February 2022

Price : £ 180

Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 07

Air Jordan 4 Sail Cement Grey Womens (DQ4909-100)

As we enter 2022, team Swoosh makes sure to bring all its fans the best start to a new year! There couldn’t possibly be any better start to the year than with a brand new women’s exclusive AJ4. These trainers were designed by keeping all the female athletes and sneaker enthusiasts in mind, ensuring the best features to make the wearer’s ride a smooth and effortless one every time.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the tonal suede construction of the base, which is undoubtedly a winner in both the sports and fashion worlds alike! No other style has anything on neutral colour themes, which are always unquestionably the best options! Hence, you can fearlessly add these trainers to your daily rotation. You won’t even need to stress about styling these sneakers, as they look dapper in any way you style them. If you ask us, we’d suggest you throw on your favourite tee and a pair of classic jeans with these shoes.

Product Information

Colour :  Cement Grey

Code :  DQ4909-100

Release Date : Coming Soon in 2022

Price : £ 180

Detailed Guide on Nike Air Jordans for Spring 2022 08

Air Jordan 3 SE Canvas Muslin (DH7139-100)

Finally, we have these Air Jordan 3 kicks, dressed in a chic theme fit for all seasons. With buttery suede and canvas material up top, these snug-fitting trainers are the comfiest in the game. The Muslin tone is perfect for neutral theme lovers. You can wear this pair in endless styles and never run out of fashionable options. Besides, there’s no going wrong with classy neutral colour themes like this AJ3 pair.

When it comes to comfort, you know you can trust Nike to deliver the best in the game! These trainers come with the iconic Nike cushioning technology, exposing the classic air bubbles at the heels. As a result, the Air technology is responsible for all the comfort and boost the shoes provide to all your steps. You’ll love every step you take in these Canvas Muslin sneakers. So, we suggest you grab a pair of AJ3s as soon as it reaches the stores. Expect to find ’em at the select UK and European shops sometime soon in spring next year.

Product Information

Colour : Cream

Code :  DH7139-100

Release Date : Coming Soon in 2022

Price : £ 180

Image Credit: sneakernews.com, Google



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