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First Look At Air Force 1 LXX Zip Lapis By Serena Williams

24 January 2023

First Look

Justin Stones

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First Look At Air Force 1 LXX Zip Lapis By Serena Williams featured image

Air Force 1 can brandish any silo they can think of, becoming a hit. And Nike knows where to place the attention and at what time. This time they decided to give some of their time to a glamorous sensation in tennis – Serena Williams. And along with her, Nike decided to make an Air Force 1 LXX Zip Lapis! For all those tennis fans out there, this is your time to shine. As you have something to look for in the future. And it will be worth it when you start reading this article entirely. Visit us at FastSole to see the latest launch as we carry you more.

First Look At Air Force 1 LXX Zip Lapis By Serena Williams 01

Unfortunately, Serena Williams is winding down her tennis career to a close. We all knew her to be a legendary player that ever stepped foot on the tennis court. And nothing is more heartbreaking than when we discover her time as a tennis player is ending. So Nike decides to celebrate and honour her remaining days by making this aesthetic footwear. They have decided to expand the brand new Air Force 1 LXX Zip ‘Lapis’ footwear line. A colourway that can easily catch the eyes with its vivid blue colour. Another variation of her “Summit White” footwear came before in 2022.

First Look At Air Force 1 LXX Zip Lapis By Serena Williams 02

We like to think that Nike does create the sneakers with love. And every big-shot piece with a celebrities initials will act as the frosting on the cake. Serena Williams fans are collecting these shoes from the lineup like crazy. We can see why! The sneakers are not only names and celebrity initials. They are top-of-line Air Force 1 Ultra-robust sneakers that will carry you through any obstacles. When you read the entire thing and learn about what it is made of and how you might just become a fan yourself. And to those of you who already are fans. Keep reading, as you might also be surprised about what you find out.

First Look At Air Force 1 LXX Zip Lapis By Serena Williams 03

Let’s start with how the premium leather is what covers the upper build. However, this one, in particular, is a floral tone that covers the whole top except the front top. That is unlike the first release. In this one, the patterns wrap around the side panels, the throat and the heels. Swooshes keep consistency with the double-stacked embroidery. An extra touch of sparkle is added by putting on the zippers. With all these mixed, we get a sensational silo that keeps bringing more. And that is not all!

The design on the tongues is of tabs that showboat the SWDC’s signature. Which happens to be the “10 4 01” logo. Alongside that, Nike’s branding, replaced with her signature, gives this silo a subtle edge. And did we forget to mention that floras also decorated the insoles? Now you can see the value Nike adds to the silo. Not leaving any trace of inefficient work towards this silo.

Now you know about this footwear! Now you know more about sneakers and how Air Force 1 makes them. You can also believe that most silo like this is not often found. So it is tough to miss out on this one. Make sure to check out the rest of the series collection. And also, do not forget to see the Complete Guide to know more about Air Force 1 than any other individual that surfs the internet. You can find these in any size from any age group of 20-50. So you can find them in any UK retailer once it releases. If you want to know more about this silo, click on the images and see them yourself!

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First Look At Air Force 1 LXX Zip Lapis By Serena Williams 04

Product Information

Colour : Blue

Code : DR9842-400

Release Date : TBC

Price : £120

Image Credit: Google



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