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Fortnite And Nike Join Forces For An ‘Ultimate Sneakerhunt’

17 June 2023


Tracy Green

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Fortnite And Nike Join Forces For An ‘Ultimate Sneakerhunt featured image

This one’s for all the gamers and sneak junkies; tighten those laces because your gaming socks are about to blow off! You might not be ready for this, but here’s the scoop: an epic collab between the biggie force in sportswear, Nike, and the powerful forces in the gaming and NFT communities is about to hit the sneakerdom. Das right! Fortnite and Nike join forces for an ‘Ultimate Sneakerhunt’, and here’s all you need to know about the big surprise!

According to Active Player, there were an incredible 242.9 million active players in only the past 30 days. Now, this is a golden ticket for traditional gamers to embrace the exciting potential of Web3 technology!

The Start Of The Airphoria

On June 20, an epic Sneakerhunt would begin, as revealed by the bombshell announcement that was made via Nike’s social media channels. It all started to buzz in a video where Nike’s Air Max and Fortnite’s iconic logos take centre stage while floating clouds provide the backdrop. As the hunt’s name, “Airphoria,” is revealed, excitement builds, and the grand finale then features the Unreal Engine and Nike’s Swoosh Web3 platform logos.

From Virtual to Reality, or Back on the Battle Bus?

While the brand has left our imaginations running wild by keeping further deets secret, we can hope for a real-world experience. However, it’s very likely that players will board the battle bus once more since previous collaborations between these two teams have taken place solely within the game.

Fortnite and Nike join forces for an ‘Ultimate Sneakerhunt’; stay tuned for further deets on the team-up through our Facebook and Twitter handles as more info starts to roll!

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