Grab The Adidas Yung-1 Now!

Grab The Adidas Yung-1 Now! 01

Did you think the trend of Dad Shoes is gone? Well, here comes another chunky old beast wearing re-touched features, slightly taken from the Falcon Dorf. Adidas Yung-1 is about to hit the stores this June on the third week. You might freak out right now because you don’t have enough time to prepare yourself! Let’s make it easier. Forget everything and grab this chunky revised-kick to upgrade your collection.

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There’s nothing to worry about when you have a classic Trefoil kick on your feet. You can go hiking, trekking, or even a lazy stroll; this kick will have your back all day long! College Navy, crimson red, and off-white make up the colour palette suitable for Summer.

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Multiple layers on the exterior might make you think it’s heavy a rock! But surprisingly, loads of suede, nylon, and leather do not hamper your footstrike. It’s still light as a feather so you can fly high wearing it. Bright crimson suede and synthetic leather overlays protect the black nylon sidewall and white toe box. White leather on the top and navy velvet suede inner midfoot patch contrast the whole top.

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A cream white midsole underneath cleans up the entire messy and beefy style. Adidas Yung-1 is available on June 20th via listed UK and European retailers. Follow us on @FastSoleUK.

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