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Hop Into Style With Bug Bunny-Inspired Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Rabbit’

08 June 2023

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Justin Stones

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Hop Into Style With Bug Bunny Inspired Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Rabbit featured image

Get ready to hop into a world where style meets nostalgia, and the Looney Tunes universe collides with sneaker culture. The most OG drop is finally here- The Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Rabbit’!

It’s time to peep the latest tribute to our favourite Looney Tunes icon, the Air Jordan 1 Low. They call it “Rabbit,” paying respect to Bugs Bunny himself. Why wait! Let’s dive in and embrace the hare-raising power of these exclusive kicks!

Jumpman Reunites With Bugs Bunny

MJ had some dope homies on and off the court, but none as fresh as Bugs Bunny. These two were like peas in a pod, straight-up inseparable. They even starred together in the ultimate b-ball flick, and now, thanks to Jordan Brand, their epic bond lives on.

Hop Into Style With Bug Bunny Inspired Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Rabbit right

Bugs Bunny Vibes

The design of these creps is all about capturing Bugs Bunny’s style. You got furry grey overlays that scream “Bugs”, and underneath, crisp white leather for that extra touch of class. It’s like stepping into Bugs Bunny’s world and channelling his legendary swag. Plus, the quality of this silo is flexing some high-grade knit with the plush sole is so comfy that it takes you on a cloud-like stroll, providing ACG for any adventure.

Hop Into Style With Bug Bunny Inspired Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Rabbit front corner

Carrot-Inspired Swag

The Swoosh on these kicks is LIT. It’s stitched up in a way that’s just like Bugs Bunny’s favourite food, carrots. Picture a bold orange thread with a slick green frond at the end, giving it that unmistakable carrot swag. And that Jumpman logo on the tongue and AJ logo on the heel will sure create buzz among sneakerheads!

Hop Into Style With Bug Bunny Inspired Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Rabbit up

Kiddos Go Hare Crazy!

Here comes the most exclusive news! Attention sneakerholics! The Air Jordan 1 Low “Rabbit” is also dropping in kid’s sizes. These hypebeasts will have all the other kids on the playground turning green with envy.

Furthermore, no worries about size fit; just stick to your regular size because they come in an FSR. Get ready to see those little sneakerheads rocking these kicks and taking over the playground.

Hop Into Style With Bug Bunny Inspired Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Rabbit back

Product Information

Colour : White Grey

Code : DZ6333-083

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £70

Get Ready to Hop in Style

Start to camp out! The Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Rabbit’ is about to hit the streets real soon. Nike.com and a few select spots will be dropping these heat-makers, and we’re all eagerly waiting for that official date to drop. With the carrot-inspired Swoosh and Bugs Bunny-inspired design, you’ll be repping Looney Tunes like a true sneakerhead.

Also, check out another fire drop of the “Air Jordan 6 Aqua” on its way.

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