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Kayne West in All New Yeezy High-Top

16 October 2017

First Look

Liam Perry

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Just when you thought Kanye couldn’t be any cooler, he shows up with the new Yeezy High-Top and looks even cooler! He has been recently spotted a few days ago, leaving his fashion studio and walking with his signature sassy swag. This 40 year old fashion icon has been influencing young fashionistas for some now. His works and moves all are constantly recorded and followed. So, when he dons a unique kick, there must be something brewing!

Sneak freaks are about to get a massively good looking silhouette this Winter. Get your sneaker ninja outfits ready because you might have to fight in order to grab this new drop.

Fans of Yeezies must know that there have already been some speculations about Yeezy Boost 350 V2 releasing this November/December. But Kanye West has been firing up his path with Yeezy Boost 700 runner and some more amazing kicks like a low top version of Yeezy Boost 700. This high-collared beast might release with a dashing colour palette of blue, brown and ash while a white lace contrasts like a badass! Quite the same like its ancestor.

You will simply adore anything that can stand up to Yeezy Boosts so this Yeezy High-Top will definitely attract you. Stay tuned to us and bookmark our socials for more details.



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