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Lebron 21 ‘Multi-Colour’ Release Details

19 October 2023

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Lebron 21 Multi Colour Release Details featured image

The wait is over, sneakerheads, and the countdown has begun for the next chapter in LeBron James’ legendary sneaker saga. LeBron 21 is the 21st chapter in the Nike LeBron saga, and it’s got all the makings of a slam dunk in sneaker history.

This time, Nike’s LeBron 21 is gearing up for a show-stopping release with the “Multi-Colour” edition! This kid-exclusive drop is all about unleashing a spectrum of colours that mimic the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Lebron 21 Multi Colour Release Details right

For The Mini Ballers

Hey, young sneaker enthusiasts, get in on this action! The LeBron 21 “Multi-Colour” is all about those eye-popping colour gradients. It’s like wearing the Aurora Borealis on your feet! And oh, don’t miss those popping purple accents and the fresh green heel.

Lebron 21 Multi Colour Release Details front corner

Lifestyle-Friendly Swag

If you’re all about embracing that relaxed and easygoing vibe, then the LeBron 21 “Multi-Colour” is your ultimate go-to. The gum sole? It’s not just for looks; it’s here to bring that extra dash of flavour to your style while keeping you comfy and your kicks durable. And these sneakers don’t mess around when exuding that laid-back swagger.

Lebron 21 Multi Colour Release Details up

LeBron 21 Keeps It True To Size!

When it comes to sizing, you’ll be stoked to know that the LeBron 21 is the real deal – it runs true to size no cap! You won’t have to stress about getting your fit right; these kicks are on point. So, bang with your usual size and make sure your sneaker steez is as tight as it gets.

Lebron 21 Multi Colour Release Details back

A Must-Cop!

Save the date, folks! The LeBron 21 “Multi-Colour” is coming your way on 17th November 2023. These kicks are going to fly off the shelves, so be ready to cop ’em. We’ve got more sneaker goodness coming your way, so stay connected with us on Instagram, FB and Twitter for all the freshest updates.

Lebron 21 Multi Colour Release Details down

Another heat from Jordan: the Air Jordan 11 “Gratitude” got an exclusive update!

Product Information

Colour : Multi

Code : FN4305-900

Release Date : Fri, 17 Nov 2023 8 am

Price : £150

Image Credit: Google



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