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Nike Air Max 1 Jewel in Black and Silver

18 August 2017

First Look

Liam Perry

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Nike Air Max 1 Jewel in Black and Silver might be the most exciting news for any sneak freak! The classic colour palette of black and white creates a dramatic aura itself when as an added twist, silver Swoosh sticks confident! Let’s not forget the comfort and support this iconic line delivers.

Nike Air Max 1 Jewel in Black and Silver

For the Fall/Summer rendition, this legend gets adorned with a subtle touch of shimmering silver and the rest of the BnW colour block stays the same. The vintage and chic black-white combo never fails, does it? Once again, we all have the chance to rock the streets with classic suave.

Nike Air Max 1 Jewel in Black and Silver 02

High-quality of leather reaches across the whole upper with pride and dignity flaring around. This black Jaguar is completely dressed up in pitch black leather and the gorgeousness is mind-blowing! Let’s be honest, you have already imagined the posh and snug of this black leather beast, haven’t you? Well, you still have to hold your breath for more twists. The all-black upper is dramatically contrasted with spotless white midsole underneath and the ankle sits a bit higher for better performance.

Nike Air Max 1 Jewel in Black and Silver 01

The whiteness of the midsole totally goes with the inky upper. But wait, more punch lies on the mini Swoosh sticking from the sidewall. It hits a metallic silver colour for an added surprise! Finally, black rubber outsole sits underneath.Nike Air Max 1 Jewel in Black and Silver releases on August 24th via listed UK and European retailers.



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