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Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Grey Releasing Soon

24 March 2018

Official Look

Tracy Green

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Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Grey 01

Here is everything you need to know about the Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Grey as we take look at this vibrant orangy sneaker. This one won’t be easy to get as the sneaker fans are already losing their minds over it! The flashy and hip colour tray has something you don’t see every day. It stands out in a crowd of any high-profile kicks mostly because of its sunny and friendly colours.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Grey 03

The fusion of two masterpieces, AM Plus and VaporMax has seen the light of the glorious day since the unveiling. But this colourway is off-track! The spirited colours imitate a reverse sunset state with tangy orange, pale pink, lemon yellow, and white. Follow @FastSoleUK for extra bits of news.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Grey 02

Come on aboard the hype train for this gorgeous piece of art with us! The neoprene crafted inner body is always a foot-buddy despite of the weather. Your feet are always fresh and snug whether the day is warm or cold. The different shades of the sky are imprinted by the hot orange on the front, pale pink and orange in the middle, and lemon yellow at the back. The TPU rib-cage is white and so is the heel plate.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Grey 04

A dusty grey midsole sits underneath the chaotic colours. The Air pods coming form the VaporMax are completely transparent for a nice touch to the theme. Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Grey releases March 29th via listed UK and European retailers.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Grey 05



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