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Nike Mags OG From Back To The Future II Auction Date

29 July 2017

Exclusive Release

Liam Perry

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There’s hardly anyone who isn’t hyped about the Nike Mags OG From Back To The Future II auction this Fall. Every film fanatic knows Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s adventure through time and their goofs and gaffs. This Fall, take the journey back to this 80’s classic with the auction of the actual Nike Mags worn in the film, but with a massive twist!

Nike Mags OG From Back To The Future II Auction

Marty McFly or Michael J. Fox helped the sci-fi section take a flight with his swag boots. This shoe was fictional all this time but after years, Nike took up the EARL Tech-Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing system and drops this ticking bomb to mess up our minds! We had a good look at the prop showcase of  Comic Con San Diego. Now, all we have to wait is for the auction that this kick is going to.

Because of the classic film craze and the self-lacing tech used in this Mag, the auction is the must hit! This EARL Tech features a sensor in the midsole that powers the auto-lacing. Frank Marshall tweeted- “Something big is coming soon. Can’t say anything yet. No one should know too much about their own destiny. #BTTF” an actual quote from the film and the fandom freaked out!

All the money this legend kick will raise will go into J. Fox Foundation for Alzheimer’s research.  This is a futuristic pair that is worth spending every penny on. The Nike Mags OG From Back To The Future II auctions this Fall ’17. Drop by our socials for more details.



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