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Official Images of JJJJound’s Reebok Club C “Core Black” Collab

21 August 2023

Official Look

Justin Stones

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Official Images of JJJJounds Reebok Club C Core Black Collab featured image

JJJJound is back at it again, hooking up with Reebok for some highly anticipated kicks. Get ready for the official look of the Club C Nubuck “Core Black” collab. You know JJJJound always brings the heat with their footwear game.

Yep, you read it right. This isn’t the first rodeo for JJJJound and Reebok. These two have been cooking up sneaker goodness on the classic Club C model not once, not twice, but three times before. And guess what? They’re back for round four to drop some serious sneaker wisdom on y’all. Get hyped for the Montreal magic!

Official Images of JJJJounds Reebok Club C Core Black Collab front corner


Black is back, and it’s bolder than ever. JJJJound is taking a page out of the artsy world’s book, bringing that crisp black clothing vibe to these kicks. We’re talking about buttery suede on the toe boxes and side panels, all dressed up in “Core Black.” And those puffy nylon tongues give us all the vintage feels.

Top-Down View

Get ready to drool, because we’ve got a sneak peek that’s gonna make you itch for more. JJJJound dropped a teaser from the top-down angle, and let me tell you, these kicks are oozing freshness. Also, these creps are all about that primo quality, giving your feet the royal treatment with top-notch comfort and grip, no matter what kind of terrain you’re rocking.

Official Images of JJJJounds Reebok Club C Core Black Collab back corner

Oozing Classic Vibes

Yo, sneakerheads, you gotta catch this branding switcheroo! The classic “Reebok” vibes? They’re making way for something fresher. And guess what’s sliding in? Tonal “JJJJound” branding is like an inside joke only the sneaker-savvy crowd understands. It’s like the kicks are talking to us. Can you catch the vibe?

Unveiling The Specifics

Before we jump on the drop details, let’s talk sizing. Are these babies true to size? Well, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? But don’t worry, Just stick to your usual size!

Official Images of JJJJounds Reebok Club C Core Black Collab up

As for the release, these kicks were launched on 11th May 2023. And these JJJJound x Reebok Club C 85 Black are gonna be worth to cop. Keep those eyes glued to the Instagram, FB and Twitter pages for the latest updates. Meanwhile, enjoy the official pics of these sneaks, sneaker junkies!

Oh, and before you go, there is one more heat for you! Check out the Nike LeBron 21 – drolling over the Violet Dust colourway.

Product Information

Colour : Black

Code : IG8240

Release Date : Thu, 11 May 2023 9 am

Price : £193.75

Image Credit: Google



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