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On-Foot Look at the Nike LeBron 21 “Violet Dust”

18 August 2023

On Foot Images

Justin Stones

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On Foot Look at the Nike LeBron 21 Violet Dust featured image

LeBron James and Nike are gearing up for another slam dunk collab with the LeBron 21, and guess what? We’ve got a sneak peek at the “Violet Dust” flavour that’s about to drop.

This time, LeBron 21 is bringing the low-top heat smoother than a DJ’s beat drop. And the tone is so dashing, you’ll be turning heads faster than your fave rapper’s rhymes. These sneaks are the ultimate spotlight stealers, the actual MVP vibes, and that’ll have you gleaming like a true baller.

On Foot Look at the Nike LeBron 21 Violet Dust right

“Violet Dust” Teaser

Let’s dive into the world of “Violet Dust”, where the top is as sleek as your slickest dance moves. Imagine that nubuck upper soaked in a rich, mesmerizing purple. And hey, they’re keeping it real with a solid splash of purple on the outsole. It’s like they’re saying, “Yeah, we’re bringing the purple party all the way”!

On Foot Look at the Nike LeBron 21 Violet Dust front corner

The Golden Rush

Ready to ride the “Golden Rush” wave? Side swooshes dipped in gold, blinking like mad. And the tongue and heel aren’t just bystanders. Nope, they’re joining the party, rocking that same golden flair. And the real kicker? Flip ’em around, and bam! Behold the iridescent heel, like strutting on stardust.

On Foot Look at the Nike LeBron 21 Violet Dust back corner

Cosy All Day

These cosy boys are all about that high-grade knit action. Think durability and traction on fleek, keeping your feet snug and comfy 24/7.

Now, we’re spilling the tea on fit. No need for size acrobatics here. Stick to your actual size, and you’re in for a fit. Oh, jumping a half-size bigger? That’s like wearing clown kicks, so don’t even go there. Keep it real, keep it comfy!

On Foot Look at the Nike LeBron 21 Violet Dust back

Sneakerheads, Get Ready!

Now, grab that calendar and put a big ol’ circle around 14th October 2023 because that’s the day the Nike LeBron 21 Violet Dust gonna storm the scene. Get ready to cop ’em at Nike and a handful of select b-ball boutiques. We’ve got more drip in the pipeline, and you don’t wanna miss it. Follow us on Instagram, FB, and Twitter for sneak peeks that’ll have you droolin’ like a kid in a candy store.

Meanwhile, We’ve got one more kick-butt for you! Take a ride on the Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1 Mid SP “Varsity Maize”.

Product Information

Colour : Violet

Code : FV2345-500

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £150

Image Credit: Google



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