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Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack Is Dropping Soon

18 April 2018


Liam Perry

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Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack 01

Need a boost for the scorching hot day? How about we tell you that Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack is coming with three stunning kicks for the Summer race? The ladies can’t wait anymore for the bombs to drop because of the unique scribble work and funky appearance. The theme goes perfectly with the brilliance and signature moves of the visual artist, Shantell.

Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack 04

The trio has classic Puma slides, and sandals all painted in clean white where the doodles and expressions pop up brightlyLeadcat White Black Womens (365952-01), Basket White Womens (365899-01), and Platform Slip-On White Blue Womens (365900-01) come included in the collection. Follow @FastSoleUK for further details.

Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack 06

Shantell has a great way of expressing the vibrant and surreal art form. She doodles and scribbles whimsical patterns on these shoes that make them much more attractive! The Leadcat wears clean white leather on both the top-hood and the sole. Black funny faces and oversized left-right indication on the strap speak of Shantell’s brilliance. The Basket White also has a white leather exterior upon which irregular black-blue doodle lines pop up. The Platform Slip-On is the coziest of them all! It has the same leather top with two crossing-over straps. The black and blue scribbling scratches give it a funky vibe.

Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack 02

All the kicks have some facial expressions at the rear patch or on all over the body (Leadcat) that shows the signature mark of Shantell Martin. Get ready for the Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack releasing April 21st via listed UK and European retailers.

Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack 08

Puma Shantell Martin Womens Pack 05



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