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Reebok’s Iconic Classic Leather Gets A Modern Twist With Pump Tech

18 May 2023

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Justin Stones

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If you’re a sneaker fanatic, you know that the Reebok Classic Leather Pump is an OG model that’s been flexing its style steez for over 30 years. From the pump tech, that’s a straight-up flex, to the aesthetic design that’s always lit, these kicks are sure to be for anyone looking to stay on top of the sneak trends.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the Reebok Classic Leather Pump, explore its dope features, and give you the lowdown to keep your sneaker drip on point.

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Game-changer back in ’89

Yo, let’s take it back to ’89 when the sneaker game was poppin’, and Reebok dropped the Classic Leather Pump, taking the retro pack to a whole new steez with its dope pump technology. And now, fast forward to today because Reebok just made it up a notch with a killer collab featuring the G.O.A.T of all sneakerheads, the one and only Futura.

Word on the street is that Futura himself was the mastermind behind this fresh take on the Classic Leather, and it’s clear he brought his drip. This low-top hypebeast is straight-fire with its bold colour blocking and abstract graphics that pop off the sides.

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Fresh Fits For Your Fit!

The colourway on this silo is pure heat! Find white with some hot deep blue and scarlet red accents that really pop. Plus, the grey suede on the toe is a dope touch that adds some serious style points. But the real flex on these Reebok Classic Leather Pumps is the Pump tech specs, which is a baller move that lets you customize the fit of your kicks with air filling. You can pump up your kicks for a snug fit or let some air out to chillax, and it’s up to you.

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And let’s not forget about the special branding on the spine of these kicks! A sweet touch that sets them apart from the rest. The high-quality materials and cushioned soles make these kicks hella comfy, so you can keep the party going all day long. Plus, the OG design is so cool and gives you major flex appeal. From chillin’ with your crew to breaking jaws on a date, these kicks keep you looking fresh AF.

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Pump It Up!

So, the dead news is, mark your calendars for the 17th because that’s the day Reebok is dropping the hottest kicks of the season – the Classic Leather Pump with a modern wrench.

These gigs are gonna sell out faster than you can say double up! So, get in on the action and enter every raffle you can find to up your chances of copping this SE gem. And, be sure your wardrobe is gonna thank you. Also, the tonal colourway on this HS pack is so minimal that it’s gonna level up any fit you rock.

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Product Information

Colour : White

Code : GW4727

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £90

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