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Schuh Black Friday event kicks off

22 November 2018

Exclusive Release

Liam Perry

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Schuh Black Friday event kicks off 01

This isn’t likely to be an easy weekend. Schuh Black Friday event kicks off right away with a massive line of popular sneaker brands. You can’t miss this opportunity to score your sneaker game up because nobody else will! With the heap of quality runners from various brands and with their finest construction, this sale will be a success. One thing to keep in mind is the sneaker junkies will go any possible way to win this race because there is 50% off! So, you better keep your head in the game. You can view the deals from here.

Schuh Black Friday event kicks off 03

adidas, Nike, Ugg, Fila, Lacoste, Converse, New Balance, Schuh flats, Reebok, Fred Perry, Rocket Boots, Red Or dead, Tommy Hilfiger, Base London, adidas Skateboarding, Adi Stella Sport, Birkenstock, blowfish and many more join the race to keep the fire ignited. Schuh offers Free or £1 Next Day Delivery throughout the Black Friday weekend! Check the delivery details below-

Thursday: Free Next Day Delivery Friday – Sunday: £1 Next Day Delivery Monday: Free Next Day Delivery

Schuh Black Friday event kicks off 04

Schuh Black Friday event kicks off 05

The colourways and the highly engineered materials combined on their classic or contemporary upper body awaits your footstrike. Remember to bring a big fat purse because this sale is going to be wild! The price comes down at a reasonable level because of the 50% off. This is a golden ticket for the sneak freaks who couldn’t afford some of these stunners for their hefty regular price.

Image Credit: schuh.eu



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