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Sotheby’s Set to Sell Michael Jordan’s Iconic Championship Air Jordans

14 March 2023


Liam Perry

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Sotheby's Set to Sell Michael Jordan's Iconic Championship Air Jordans featured image

Are you a fan of His Airness, Michael Jordan? Well, get your wallets ready because Sotheby’s is set to sell “The Dynasty Collection”, consisting of Michael Jordan’s six iconic championship Air Jordan shoes.

Worn by Jordan during each of his championship games, the shoes up for grabs include the Air Jordan 6 (1991), 7 (1992), 8 (1993), and 11 (1997). If you’re looking to own a piece of history or just want to flex your feet, this is your chance. Stay in the loop for more updates on The Dynasty Collection. In the meantime, we’ll be drooling over these bad boys. Iconic in every sense. Ah, six of Michael Jordan’s iconic sneaks were worn during six consecutive championship games, no less! Sotheby’s is putting six iconic pairs of Air Jordans up for auction – the Air Jordan 6 (1991), Air Jordan 7 (1992), Air Jordan 8 (1993), and Air Jordan 11 (1997). So if you’ve ever been crunching those jump shots in your dreams, this dream collection is a chance to lock it down in real life.

What to look forward to?

The Dynasty Collection, a set of six iconic Air Jordan sneakers worn by Michael Jordan during his six championship games, is set to be sold by Sotheby’s. According to Wall Street Journal, Tim Hallam, one of the Bulls’ crew back in the day, went straight to the source to get his hands on some Nike kicks – yes, folks, Michael Jordan himself!

These individually unique Jordans include the 6 (1991), 7 (1992), 8 (1993), and 11 (1997) and are said to be one of the most valuable and significant collections ever brought to the market. Whether you’re a hardcore collector or simply an admirer of sneakers, this is definitely a moment to remember! It’s safe to say these classic Js will fetch millions when it goes on sale – don’t sleep on this release!

A valuable history.

Preserved in pristine condition and awarded to Michael Jordan after each of his championship games during the 90s, these iconic shoes tell the story of one of the greatest sports dynasties of all time. These sneakers are not just tangible pieces of invaluable sporting history; they’re also fashion statements rooted deeply in sneaker culture.

Calling them the “Mona Lisa” of shoe and sports collectables, Sotheby’s Auction House is offering up an epic collection of Air Jordan shoes. Apparently, they’re the most valuable set ever and a must-have for any serious collector. The icing on the cake? Not only are they tied to MJ’s championship legacy but also his style legacy – both of which have played a big part in making him a global icon.

According to Brahm Wachter, head of streetwear and modern collectables, The Dynasty Collection has something special that brings the two distinct communities of sportswear and sports memorabilia together.

Here’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance

Dubai will set an unprecedented moment in history – Sotheby’s is auctioning off six classic Air Jordan sneakers formerly worn by the incomparable Michael Jordan.

A true OG, Michael Jordan still reigns supreme as “His Airness”, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Sotheby’s has made sure they will stay in the hands of true fans and become a part of his incredible legacy.

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