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The Air Jordan 1 Low “Just Skate” Has A Tale To Tell

18 May 2023

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Hello, sports lovers! Aren’t you excited about the new buzz? Well, we’ve got a new kid on the block, and it’s making waves in the scene! The Air Jordan 1 Low “Just Skate” is taking the world by storm with its dope design and killer performance features.

It’s got that classic Jordan look with a fresh twist. This hypebeast is like a 360 flip to the face of tradition! No more stalling, let’s secure this heat and get right into the exclusive details of this OG sneak and dive into the nitty-gritty of this pack.

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GOAT Skate-Basket Mashup

The Air Jordan 1 Low “Just Skate” – the ultimate G.O.A.T that’s bridging the gap between two seemingly different worlds! It’s a mashup of past and present trends like the lovechild of Michael Jordan and Tony Hawk, and we are absolutely here for it!

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Back in the 80s, basketball and skateboarding culture were two different silos with very little crossover. However, as time passed, we saw a surge of athletes and enthusiasts who shared a love for both sports.

This shared passion inspired the Air Jordan team to create a kick that could seamlessly blend basketball and skateboarding culture; thus, the Air Jordan 1 Low “Just Skate” was born!

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Fire on your Feet!

Get ready for a wild ride, sneakerheads! This Air Jordan 1 Low “Just Skate” is the ultimate fusion of flair and function.

Let’s start with the toebox; it’s smooth as butter that’s perfect for cutting through the air like a hot knife through the wax. Also, this cosy boy is crafted with high-quality leather and nubuck, providing a premium feel and long-lasting in ACG. The black padded colourway of the tongue provides extra crispness and support for skateboarders. And the text is written on the side ‘Born to Fly’, make it look cool AF.

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The fiery Swoosh logo on the side of the gig is highlighted with a flame design like a dragon spittin’ straight fire! Strong and durable laces and outer soles in a white colourway ensure these kicks won’t let you down. Plus, the wine-coloured sock lining adds a touch of sophistication. And the retro-inspired AJ logo on the heel and tongue is just the ice on the cake.

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Product Information

Colour : Black Red

Code : FJ7073-010

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £120

Sneak Skate Rush!

Get ready to roll because these bad boys are dropping soon, and you don’t want to miss out on this Lit release. You can snag your perfect fit with an FSR and skate off into the sunset. This holy grail drop that’s sure to leave your sneaker steez looking lit and conclusive. And the exciting news is that this HS gem gonna be only available in limited quantities. So act fast and don’t sleep on time!

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