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The Nike Cortez ‘72 Is Set To Arrive Soon

25 September 2023

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Liam Perry

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The Nike Cortez ‘72 Is Set To Arrive Soon featured image

Nike Cortez 72 is like bumping into an old friend from the ’70s but realizing they’ve still got that swagger. Timeless, iconic, and a little bit rebellious, the Cortez from 1972 is back, and it’s stealing the sneaker scene in 2023. We’re talking about the shoe that once ruled the racetracks and now owns the streets.

The Nike Cortez ‘72 Is Set To Arrive Soon right

Vintage Vibes, Fresh Feels

These kicks have always been the real MVPs of Nike’s lineup. Stripped of the flashy jazz, the Cortez ’72 is coming through in a suave, full leather build. And when we say leather, we’re not just hinting at the upper. Oh no, this beauty goes full-throttle, from the shark-toothed edges of its lace collar to the interior lining. Imagine a pristine snowy landscape – that’s the shoe, all wrapped in white, waiting for adventures on the asphalt.

The Nike Cortez ‘72 Is Set To Arrive Soon front corner

Silver Tinted Love

Now, lest you think it’s all monochrome, there’s a dash of bling on this bad boy. The metallic silver lace dubrae? That’s the cherry on the sundae, the necklace on a crisp white tee. It’s the touch that takes the shoe from “clean” to “crispy clean”.

The Nike Cortez ‘72 Is Set To Arrive Soon up

Rocking the Cortez Way

Wondering how to elevate your outfit game with these classics? Slide into our style guide, and you’ll be lacing up like a pro. Think slouchy jeans or athleisure bottoms, throw in a vintage tee or a baggy hoodie and let the Cortez shine. Remember, it’s a sneaker that screams subtlety with a hint of audacity, so let your fit do the talking. And hey, peeps, don’t forget to check out our style guide for 101 on how to do it right.

The Nike Cortez ‘72 Is Set To Arrive Soon back

Every Foot’s BFF

Another thing to love about the Cortez? It’s kind of like the universal sneaker. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got wide feet, narrow arches, or anything in between, these babies have a way of nestling snugly, making everyone’s trotters look fly.

The Nike Cortez ‘72 Is Set To Arrive Soon down

Product Information

Colour : White

Code : FB6877-100

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £70

Retro Roots, Modern Motions

While we’re revelling in the past, let’s not forget the present. The comeback of the Cortez isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s a nod to the trend of blending affordability with chicness. In a world where everyone’s after the fanciest tech or the most avant-garde design, there’s something profoundly cool about a shoe that keeps it straightforward yet stylish.

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