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The Nike KD 16 Drops Soon In A Rich Colourway

30 August 2023

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Liam Perry

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The Nike KD 16 Drops Soon In A Rich Colourway featured image

Lace-up your excitement because the Nike KD 16 is swooping in like a slam dunk! If you thought NBA champs were just local legends, KD’s got something to say about that, and he’s saying it with his swag. Kevin Durant, aka the “Slim Reaper,” isn’t just a baller on home turf; he’s been rocking it on the world stage, and the KD 16 is here to keep the legacy rolling.

The Nike KD 16 Drops Soon In A Rich Colourway lifestyle left

The Champion Vibes

While Kevin Durant missed this year’s Team USA action, we’re pretty sure he would’ve rocked the KD 16 while dishing out those international crossovers. Talk about a sneaker that’s got the style to match the global game.

The KD 16 is giving off some major throwback flair with a futuristic twist. Netizens all around couldn’t help but spot some serious Air Penny vibes, making this Nike sneaker more nostalgic than your old-school mixtape. But don’t let that fool you; this ain’t just a trip down memory lane. The KD 16 is packing in some next-gen tech for those high-flying plays.

The Nike KD 16 Drops Soon In A Rich Colourway lifestyle back

Black with a Dash of Purple Pop

Peep that colour combo – we’re diving headfirst into a sea of darkness with a sleek all-black upper. But wait for it. Those plastic “rails” on the sides are bringing that vivid purple pop to the party. The sides of the tongue are blazing in bright crimson. It’s like the sneaker’s giving you a little wink of fiery energy with every step. 

The Nike KD 16 Drops Soon In A Rich Colourway front corner

Gear-Ready Outsole

Right, it’s not just about looks; it’s about that grip, too. The KD 16’s got an outsole that’s loaded with gear-like patterns, ready to keep you locked in for those quick cuts and rapid moves.

The Nike KD 16 Drops Soon In A Rich Colourway up

Product Information

Colour : Purple

Code : DV2917-002

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £130

Style It Up

Now, we wouldn’t leave you hangin’ without some style tips. Rock these kicks with our style guide to be the freshest cat in the concrete jungle. Your style, your rules – just make sure you’re checking out our style guide and catching your eyes wherever you roll.

The Universal Fit

Worried about the fit? Don’t sweat it. The KD 16’s got that universal appeal, hugging your feet like they were custom-made. Whether you’re rockin’ ’em on the court, the streets, or just flexing in selfies, these kicks got you.

Get ready to level up your sneaker game with these court dominators. And hey, if you wanna stay in the loop on all things sneaker and style, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – you won’t wanna miss a beat!

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