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The Reaction Of Yeezy Lovers On YEEZY DAY

10 September 2021

Exclusive Release

Liam Perry

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The Reaction Of Yeezy Lovers On YEEZY DAY

Did you get the news about The Reaction Of Yeezy Lovers On YEEZY DAY? Kanye West had a prophecy of “Yeezy For Everyone”, and it finally is fulfilled! Fans are having mixed feelings about the event. No matter what Ye-king does, he always gets under the scrutiny of fans and reporters. His fashion empire, his family, his rap style, or his views on a current even – everything is always creating a fuss in the social media. It’s no doubt that his Yeezy label gets the whiff too.

Kanye left Nike a long time ago because they didn’t believe in his style. It all worked out great for him because his Yeezy series is now the biggest crown jewel for adidas! Many fans get disappointed because they can’t get to the Y-kick fast enough and the stores run out right after the launch! So, adidas re-stocking the stunners (YEEZY DAY) from West’s series made the headlines of every news. Follow @FastSoleUK if you think you need more details.

The Reaction Of Yeezy Lovers On YEEZY DAY 01

Yeezy Supply and adidas went online with surprise Yeezy drops over 14-hour timeline. This YEEZY DAY was maddening and exciting all at the same time! The team restocked about 30 different pairs of the gorgeous untamable beasts, and among the vast collection, Yeezy Boost 750 Brown’s return made a ruckus. Sneaker junkies, and especially Yeezy lovers collected L’s on the kicks. This whole situation got everyone really hyped-up because they knew they are going to get the pair they missed out last time.

This re-stocking culture isn’t new for the Yeezys. 350 v2 Zebra, Waverunner 700, and Cream 350 v2 were re-launched last year. But the restocking game is a dangerous one in the sneaker grounds. It makes people lose faith in brands because they think the big-deal brands hoard their stocks intentionally to increase the price or hype! While it’s not entirely false, we don’t want to judge Kanye’s brilliant business mind. The sneaker lovers were excited and disappointed at the same time because of the re-stock; it’s success or failure. The Twitter exploded with reaction memes!

Whatever the reason was behind this re-stock, we all loved to capture Yeezy beasts once again. The Yeezy-surge fulfilled Kanye’s prophecy, indeed.

The Reaction Of Yeezy Lovers On YEEZY DAY 02

Image Credit: complex.com



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