adidas Munchen Night Brown FV1202

Release Date:  Sun 20 Sep 2020   11:00 PM GMT

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We are getting a stunning pair of adidas Munchen Night Brown this week, and it’s making us go wild! If...Read More

We are getting a stunning pair of adidas Munchen Night Brown this week, and it’s making us go wild! If you remember the MIG Brown from last year, then let’s just say this one is a slightly higher grade version of that. Two things changed for this theme. For example, the leather three stripes and the shades of the tongue and midsole. But we have to admit that the engineering for this version is definitely going to be the best! Premium leather and velvety nubuck construction can make your steps feel like on cloud too. You really can’t miss out on it.

Dropping exactly a year apart from the last one, this adidas Munchen will be the centre of attention. As soon as it drops, the sneaker crowd will get fired up. Mark the calendar, and start cleaning up your messy sneaker racks. Who knows maybe you will end up bagging multiple pairs of this stunner! One more thing to mention is the colour scheme. The soft caramel brown of last year’s Munchen MIG is nowhere in this. Instead, the shade got a bit darker and bolder. Overall, it’s a treat for the eyes! Follow us on FastSoleUK to learn more about Trefoil trainers for running.

First of all, the leather walls deserve your appreciation. All thanks to the classic Munchen vibes, the walls are extra sturdy and comfortable at the same time. As a result, the wearer has to worry about nothing when he strides ahead on a track. Chocolate brown paints the velvety leather upper body, including the eyelets and the front layer. So, the collar counter and the Three Stripes pop out a dark chocolate shade. A crinkly texture on the beige brown tongue tab adds a bit of sass. The same tone on the leather inner lining and lighter hue on the midsole chime in. Finally, golden Prost branding and floral wreath embroidery on the counter finish the look.

adidas Munchen Night Brown will release on September 20th via listed UK and European retailers.


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