adidas Stan Smith Vegan White Navy FU9611

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Nothing can go wrong when you wear this adidas Stan Smith Vegan White Navy on your feet! It’s coming with...Read More

Nothing can go wrong when you wear this adidas Stan Smith Vegan White Navy on your feet! It’s coming with the classic appearance and the usual best quality of materials just to help you keep your head up high during these difficult times. Yes, we are talking about the pandemic crisis worldwide and everyone’s freedom of flaunting the sneakers being in a halt. However, this clean and slim runner can be a distraction that we need. The soft white upper is robust and sturdy, all while keeping your steps comfy. This Vegan White is the smartest addition to the trainers for walking line-up. We’ll explain as we go.

What do you think when a crisp white Stan Smith reveals itself? Well, it’s not any other silo like the previous stunners. In fact, it’s more highly engineered and wears a flexible synthetic layer on its body, replacing the premium leather-top design! Why? Because it’s VEGAN! It doesn’t have any leather and flaunts the same chic aura, just like every time. The retro-vibes and the reinforced materials make an unbeatable team. Follow @FastSoleUK for more.

You can have a stock full of Stan Smith runners, but this particular Vegan White Navy is a must-cop! Recently, Chalk White dropped with bold branding and colourful hints. But this Vegan silo will be completely clean and fresh. Everywhere you lay your eyes are white and without any trace of leather. The detailing of this silo is so accurate that it almost takes after the OG! Similarly, the perforations posing as the Three Stripes, toe-box, and the tongue join this white-party. Deep navy on the label and the collar counter contrast the theme brilliantly. Finally, the Vegan-friendly stamp on the heel and the traditional midsole complete the look.

adidas Stan Smith Vegan White Navy will release soon via listed UK and European retailers. Keep your eyes and mind on our socials so that you don’t miss anything!

Image Credit: 43einhalb.com

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