adidas Terrex Free Hiker Non Dyed S29049

Release Date:  Fri 15 Oct 2021   9:00 AM GMT

£ 220

Style Code: S29049


Planning for long runs, marathons, or sprints? The upcoming adidas Terrex Free Hiker Non Dyed is perfectly ready for you....Read More

Planning for long runs, marathons, or sprints? The upcoming adidas Terrex Free Hiker Non Dyed is perfectly ready for you. The construction is highly improved to suit any kind of season or performance. However, the non-dyed colour palette is gaining more attention since we already know Terrex hiking boot trainers are always perfect with their features. You can tell the shoe looks quite elegant because of the colourless palette. And on top of that, the materials are made out of fully recycled waste particles. After all, that’s what it takes to be a popular trefoil boot! 

If you take a look at our sneaker release section, you will see the entire line-up for the upcoming season flaunting season-friendly colourways. And the series varies too. For example, two Free Hiker Primeblue versions are ready to drop along with this Non Dyed boot- Primeblue Ambient Blush and Primeblue Beige Yellow. The last line-up from June has a huge collection consisting of multiple bright and fiery colourways too. The focus of this particular series is on hiking-ready materials. The Terrex trainers are top-notch in terms of flexibility, agility, and breathability. As a result, they are the first choices for every activity, regardless of the season. Follow us on FastSoleUK for more details.

First of all, the simple yet gorgeous palette has something to say. The soft creamy white tone paints everything on the upper body, including the eyelets, overlays, inner lining, and tongue. On the other hand, the adidas Boost midsole goes extra clean with its white shades. The colours are nothing complex to explain since it stays as monochrome as possible, except for the branding and the QR code on the tongue label.

The forefoot has a wider space than the previous releases. So, your feet can stay comfortable in any season. The adidas Primeknit walls are ultra-breathable as well. These are outdoor sneaker boots that rely on stretchy walls and the highly responsive Boost slab underfoot. With the help of these features, you can step ahead confidently without worrying about stumbling or shocks. Thanks to the PK-knit walls, this Terrex Free Hiker boot is safe for all rides and performances. Likewise, the adidas Boost slab prevents your feet from getting hurt after a hard footstrike.

adidas Terrex Free Hiker Non Dyed will release on October 15th via listed UK and European retailers. It’s a must-cop for everyone because it fits everything!

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