SNS Exclusive adidas Temper Run Pale Nude EE6595

Release Date:  Sat 17 Aug 2019   2:00 PM GMT

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SNS Exclusive adidas Temper Run Pale Nude dropping this month is a way to tell us that the Fall is...Read More

SNS Exclusive adidas Temper Run Pale Nude dropping this month is a way to tell us that the Fall is on its way! It might not be flashy or have colour-pops but, the SNS vibes and the durable design keep it on the top-five list. A classic Temper Run is always the most loyal one to the original and vintage styles. The apparent ’90s aesthetics and the chunky construction is something a real Trefoil fan can’t ignore. The blend of classic and contemporary features is so brilliant that you can’t separate it. Recently, the Cream White theme and a Black Purple pair dropped. You may check them out as well.

If you are having a moment of indecision, then you better clear your head right now! This Temper Run classic is just a week away from now, so you better hurry up. The partnership with SNS is nothing too fancy nor too negligible. You can either pick this Pale Nude theme from SNS or check the stores if anything else is available now. Follow FastSoleUK for more.

It shows off the Scandinavian heritage boldly indeed! Then again, the old-school hints like the chubby and multi-layer construction add to the ’90s theme. As a classic Temper Run, this silo has the awestriking mix of mesh and suede. The colour combination and the quality of material put all the other shoes to shame right away! You can choose this runner as a foot-friend for your hiking, trekking, or any adventure you want to have. A creamy and pasty shade of Pale Nude paints everything on the upper without any other colour-pop. This tonal look really fits the Summer/Fall mode.

The weather-proof and shock-proof features are two more reasons to cop this beast.  adidas Temper Runs are basically the allrounder we all need these days. A white EVA midsole finishes the look.

SNS Exclusive adidas Temper Run Pale Nude releases August 17th via listed UK and European retailers.

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