Nike Air Max Genome Grey CW1648-004

Release Date:  Thu 08 Apr 2021   8:00 AM GMT

£ 150

Style Code: CW1648-004


Coming up with new themes and ideas gets hard, but the Nike Air Max Genome Grey is doing it perfectly!...Read More

Coming up with new themes and ideas gets hard, but the Nike Air Max Genome Grey is doing it perfectly! This silo is a high-tech approach to the iconic Swoosh Air trainers for running series and the engineering is just mindblowing. You can flaunt your steps and stunts without worrying about any injuries and, at the same time, get to show off your spring/summer fashion because this colour scheme is super fine! Be it for your regular lazy strides or for a marathon run in the wild for your adventurous soul; this Genome Grey release is the best choice. This silo stays low-profile, all while making sure your outfits are fly as hell. After all, the premium synthetic mesh, hardwearing plastic decals, and nylon material ensure maximum comfort for the wearer.

The last time we came with Air Max Genome’s details, we only had 3 colour palettes to describe. However, all of them are now on hold for some reason, and the release date is still not confirmed. But that won’t stop this particular palette from being a hot sell-out. In fact, if everyone is waiting for White Turquoise Orange, Triple White, and White Sunrise Pink to drop, this Grey theme will take away the attention in the meantime. For more details and news about the classic Nike shoes, follow us on FastSoleUK.

First of all, let’s describe how subtly gorgeous the colour palette is. The name here does say “grey”, but it’s not a simple tonal grey at all. The smokey grey shades do take over the upper body, including the synthetic perforated heel, ankle plate, and forefoot. Contrarily, the sidewall flaunts a bright tropic mango accent! The synthetic layers create a zig-zag panel on the sides and connect the laces. The black nylon tongue tab and the forefoot ensure maximum comfort and breathability. Finally, the white rigged midsole and orange Air Max unit finish off this silo.

Nike Air Max Genome Grey will be available via listed UK and European retailers. We know this Air Max will become your favourite pair for this season. So, don’t forget to pick it up on your way when it drops on April 8th.

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