Nike Zoom Freak 1 White Red CK5424-100

Release Date:  Fri 18 Sep 2020   8:00 AM GMT

£ 105

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Giannis Antetokounmpo is at it again! Nike Zoom Freak 1 White Red is about to make you feel the sneaker...Read More

Giannis Antetokounmpo is at it again! Nike Zoom Freak 1 White Red is about to make you feel the sneaker tracks are sports fields. The comfort and confidence this boot provides are literally out of this world. Well, at least it’s present in the sneaker world! The Greek basketball player, or usually known as the Greek freak, has collaborated with Zoom team before. However, this one looks like it’s coming from the future. The engineering is the result of several levels of upgrade, and the colour scheme is perfectly in sync with the autumn season. One thing you can’t ignore is the unique Swoosh design.

Remember the Zoom Freak 1 Oreo? It was donning a simple black and white colour palette and mesh net uppers. Contrarily, this release will be looking all festive with its White Red palette and, of course, the high-tech construction.

Along with the classic key features, for example, Antetokounmpo’s jersey number 34, Swoosh reverse, and Zoom Air cushioning midsole, this Zoom Freak 1 has more to offer. The high-tech version is more likely to be the faster sell-out. As a result, we suggest you keep a tab on all the Swoosh Zoom trainers for running. Follow us on FastSoleUK for more details.

What are the other features that make it stand out? For starters, we can say that the midsole support panels, in fact, the entire Zoom midsole looks a bit more aggressive than usual. The midsole walls are cut with sharp edges and ensure maximum impact after your strikes. So, regardless of the track you strike, you will be safe and comfortable. White paints the synthetic upper body, and a soft lilac hue pops on the accents. Pitch black Nike Swoosh is reflective and connects to the heel belt. Branding for this boot is unique too- Red embroideries on the two sides of heels and black GREAK with a Swoosh on the tongue. Finally, a grey marble midsole finishes off.

Nike Zoom Freak 1 White Red will release on September 18th via listed UK and European retailers.


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