Fuse Tape Converse Pro Leather Ox Black 169524C

Release Date:  Tue 20 Oct 2020   8:00 AM GMT

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Looks like it’s the right time to grab the Fuse Tape Converse Pro Leather Ox Black. This silo is releasing...Read More

Looks like it’s the right time to grab the Fuse Tape Converse Pro Leather Ox Black. This silo is releasing with the classic black monochrome upper that goes with any outfit and any season. However, since it’s almost Halloween, the mystique vibes of it appear more lethal! The colour scheme and the materials are all top-notch as well. Converse trainers for running are never going to stop. Also, this one might actually win the hearts of the haters! A bold black shade on the uppers with a sassy contrasting purple looks like a perfect fit for Halloween as well. Even if you ignore all of that, a pair from Converse is always the best choice for your strides and stunts. The walls are flexible and breathable so that the wearer is snug all day long.

Firstly, the charcoal colours of the top don’t need your approval. Secondly, a supreme pair of Converse Pro Leather doesn’t need that either! This series is perfect in all ways because the materials and the colours blend in well. The nylon overlays might look seem too hard-wearing, but it’s super flexible and breathable at the same time. As a result, the wearer can flex their foot without any worries. Follow FastSoleUK for more and get all the bits and tips about Converse kicks.

Let’s start with the materials of this silo. The black tonal nylon layers join the party with a black monochrome panel at the back. Likewise, the tongue tab and the laces show the same shade. You can secure the laces with a belt sliding on the top. The belt says, “Alternate reflective pattern lace here”. An iridescent purple hue on the Fuse Tape layers and the mesh inner lining contrasts the black theme. Finally, a cream Converse midsole and silver Chevron logo finish the look.

Fuse Tape Converse Pro Leather Ox Black will release on October 20th via listed UK and European retailers.

Image Credit: overkillshop.com

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