Nike SuperRep Go 2 Light Bone DH2728-091

Release Date:  Tue 14 Sep 2021   8:00 AM GMT

£ 95

Style Code: DH2728-091


Now’s your time to flex all your unbeatable athletic skills, ’cause Nike is here with the most contemporary offering of the year!...Read More

Now’s your time to flex all your unbeatable athletic skills, ’cause Nike is here with the most contemporary offering of the year! If you haven’t added the upcoming Nike SuperRep Go 2 Light Bone to your cop list yet, what are you waiting for? Let us warn you; you’ll surely regret missin’ this chance to upgrade your sneaker stash with the most-hyped runner of the season. 

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It’s no surprise that Nike is yet again turning the sneaker world upside down with another dazzling new pair of sneakers. The sneaker giant never fails to stun fans and captivate the whole sneaker community with each new offering. However, these SuperRep kicks are undoubtedly must-haves that you need in your closet no matter what!

Get ready for this release so that you can get in line before the rest of the sneaker freaks wipe out the shops as soon as these Nike’s launch. The comfy mesh uppers provide breathability and provide a flexible, snug fit. As a result, all your steps will be effortless as you take down each opponent without even breaking a sweat!

What more could you need when a legendary sneaker brand like Nike comes through with the comfiest and high-performance sneakers of the decade! You don’t wanna regret missing the chance to try out these shoes for yourself, so hurry and add ’em to your cop list before it’s too late! 

You can check out these beauties in detail from the images up top, or head over to our socials for more deets. The Nike SuperRep Go 2 Light Bone is made to deliver the best of everything! You need these one-of-a-kind sneakers in your life ASAP!

Cop the new SuperRep Go 2 from the listed UK and European sneaker shops as soon as they release on 14th September. 


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