READYMADE Nike Blazer Mid Black Vast Grey CZ3589-001

Release Date:  Sat 27 Feb 2021   8:00 AM GMT

£ 117

Style Code: CZ3589-001


A new line-up of Blazer boot trainers for running is about to drop! READYMADE Nike Blazer Mid Black Vast Grey...Read More

A new line-up of Blazer boot trainers for running is about to drop! READYMADE Nike Blazer Mid Black Vast Grey is already hyping up the sneaker lovers’ crowd, and there’s still time left for its official release. However, this boot is walking nowhere near the classic design’s lane. This entire silo wears contemporary (ultra-contemporary, to be honest!) vibes and modern aesthetics because of the synthetic and weather-proof walls. As for the colour palette, it’s wild as hell! Pitch black and Vast Grey take the lead for this issue and lets the volt accents pop up boldly.

Let’s see how you can guess this construction. Premium synthetics and weather-proof material cover the walls, and some felt, and suede panels peak out as well. This multi-material construction brings a strong GTX feel indeed. Even if it is not GTX, the walls will keep your feet fresh and snug, regardless of the season. Before we get into more details, you must be questioning this Blazer Mid’s design. First of all, it’s all because of the Yuta Hosokawa’s READYMADE and Nike collaboration! This online shop is the destination for contemporary designs, after all. So, follow us on @FastSoleUK and soak up more news about this collab and further releases.

Secondly, the weather-proof layers overlapping each other carry a strong will to keep the wearer snug and cosy. Synthetic sidewall overlay joins velvety suede and fuzzy suede panels. The forefoot looks like felt fabric, and so does the high-top collar. These two areas show off a grey-white camo print for extra sass. The silo primarily wears dark grey and soft grey hues. As a result, the voltage green and orange accents jump right out! For instance, the low-slung Nike Swoosh and the cord laces are bright orange and neon green. This style of the logo is coming from the vintage 70s. Finally, a track-ready white midsole sits underfoot, making sure your steps are confident everywhere.

If “deconstructed” and “DIY” these two words come to your mind, you are a true Blazer follower. The iconic basketball series suddenly takes a different route for this season and adamant to make history.

READYMADE Nike Blazer Mid Black Vast Grey will be here on February 27th via listed UK and European retailers. In case this theme is too dark or too funky for you, try your luck with the twin pair dropping in White Black palette. Grab both of these stunners and notice how your scoreboard changes.

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