Disney adidas Stan Smith Mickey Mouse FW2911

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How do you want your sneaker scores to be? The Disney adidas Stan Smith Mickey Mouse is definitely a must-cop...Read More

How do you want your sneaker scores to be? The Disney adidas Stan Smith Mickey Mouse is definitely a must-cop for whatever goal you have. This trainer collaborates with the iconic franchise Disney and the star who started it all, Mickey Mouse! However, this silo isn’t just another graphic-printed design. We’re sure you don’t have any 3D glass lying around in your house. But to optimally enjoy the Micky graphics of this leather beast, you need 3D glasses! It’s because the graphic prints of Micky are 3D on the entire upper body. So, a naked eye can only see the glitches and lines of the drawing.

First of all, the silo goes completely simple with the leather walls. It’s a premium leather construction that also doesn’t care much about colours. All the focus is primarily on the 3D Micky Mouse graphics. As a result, the Micky comics print pops from the leather top copying the vintage Disney carousel style. You can see Micky driving his car along with some of his friends. But, of course, for a clearer view, you need 3D glasses. Follow us on FastSoleUK to learn more about the Stan Smith trainers for running.

We already have several colourways and designs from this particular series. For instance, Stan Smith Cloud White and Primegreen are in stock right now, while the Wall-E Cloud White Pantone is almost here. But this Micky Mouse theme is definitely something much more unique than the regular ones. The 3D graphics style isn’t that new, but this one looks like a must-cop. Maybe you don’t have the special 3D glasses, but who says you can’t confuse the passers-by?

The upper body looks like it’s torn away from the original design book of Disney! During the black and white times of Disney, Micky Mouse was the star cast. He was the first one to drive the wheel and start sailing for Walt Disney company. As a result, this dynamic collab is specifically a homage to his character. Finally, the adidas branding finish it off. 3D glass or no, this one has to be in your collection.

Disney adidas Stan Smith Mickey Mouse will release soon via listed UK and European retailers.

Image Credit: adidas.com.sg, trungsneaker.com

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