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A Quick Recap Of Nike’s Best Air Max Day Releases

20 May 2023


Justin Stones

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A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases featured image

Since 2014, Nike has been celebrating Air Max Day every March 26, honouring its iconic sneaker technology. This day is a time for Nike to acknowledge the creative work of its designers, such as Tinker Hatfield, Christian Tresser, and Sergio Lozano.

The Air Max series has become a significant part of cultural history, and Nike is launching two new models this year – the Air Max Pulse and the Nike Air Max 1 with a large air bubble which is known as the “Big Bubble.” We’re eagerly expecting to see you sporting your new kicks and commemorating Air Max Day! Let’s walk down memory lane and reminisce about past collaborations, bring backs, and competition-winning releases.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 01

Product Information

Colour : Multi

Code : AJ4219-400

Release Date : Sat, 24 Mar 2018, 8 am

Price : £125

Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon

The Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97 is the perfect blend of classic design elements from the Air Max 97 and Air Max 1. Their artistic design was a huge hit, featuring a colourful corduroy upper and an Air Max 1 sole. In fact, the crowd was so impressive that the store had to close temporarily to accommodate the enthusiastic sneakerheads, and it is considered one of the biggest Air Max Day releases to date.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 02

Product Information

Colour : Black Neon

Code : TBC

Release Date : Sat, 18 Mar 2017, 8 am

Price : £130

Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant

Nike’s “Vote Back” campaign in 2016 allowed fans to vote for their favourite classic Air Max sneaker from the archives. The majority voted for the atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Elephant,” featuring original design elements such as Clear Jade Swooshes and elephant print mudguards. This definitive Air Max sneaker was first released in 2003 and is highly sought-after.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 03

Product Information

Colour : Black

Code : 910772-001

Release Date : Sat, 11 Mar 2017, 8 am

Price : £120

Nike Air Max 1 Master

Nike dragged out all the stops to celebrate the shoe’s 30th anniversary by releasing the “Master” colourway copy. Further, the “Master” colourway is a visual feast for sneaker enthusiasts with its exclusive materials, attention to detail, and nods to some of the most iconic Air Max collaborations, and also the Nike Air Max 1 “Master” was a greatest hits album of sorts for the shoe that began the Air Max legacy.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 04

Product Information

Colour : Medium Brown

Code : CU1816-100

Release Date : Fri, 26 Mar 2021, 8 am

Price : £130

Nike Air Max 90 Bacon

Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” was first released by graffiti artist Dave Ortiz through his boutique in 2004 and was relaunched by Nike for Air Max Day 2021. The classic design, inspired by Ortiz’s butcher shop, was highly dreamed of by sneakerheads and is considered one of the special non-original Air Max releases. The sneaker features a fun and funky colourway inspired by everyone’s favourite breakfast food – bacon! Its playful mix of red, pink, and brown hues makes it a doozy addition to any sneaker collection.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 05

Product Information

Colour : Green Brown

Code : 923004-200

Release Date : Sun, 26 Mar 2017, 9 am

Price : £170

NikeLAB x Marc Newson Air Vapormax

Back then 2017, Nike and industrial designer Marc Newson collaborated to release a limited edition sneaker called the “Marc Newson x NikeLab x Nike Air VaporMax” to celebrate Air Max Day on March 26. These sneakers have a unique boot-like shape with a blend of “Rio Teal” knit uppers and “Vachetta Tan” overlays. They are still one of the most striking VaporMax releases to date.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 06

Product Information

Colour : Green Safari

Code : BV7487-001

Release Date : Sat, 30 Mar 2019, 8 am

Price : £130

Nike Air Max 180 Freedom

For Air Max Day 2019, Nike released a special edition Air Max 180 sneaker called the “Berlin” colourway exclusively for sneaker fans in Europe. The design was inspired by Berlin’s vibrant nightlife and featured grey mesh and leather uppers with neon pops of yellow and pink, reminiscent of disco lights. The Air Max 180 Freedom pays tribute to the city’s architecture and buzzing nightlife scene with its unique design elements.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 07

Product Information

Colour : Blue

Code : CI1508-400

Release Date : Sat, 13 Apr 2019, 8 am

Price : £150

Nike Air Max 97 Shanghai Kaleidoscope

Nike’s 2018 “On Air” competition invited locals from six major cities to design their own Air Max colourways, and Cash Ru’s Nike Air Max 97 “On Air” Shanghai Kaleidoscope was selected as the winner for Shanghai. This iteration features a translucent blue upper and multiple tabs on the heels and tongues inspired by Shanghai’s skyscrapers and clouds. The design is unique and garnered attention from sneaker enthusiasts.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 08

Product Information

Colour : Beige

Code : DD1870-100

Release Date : Sat, 06 Mar 2021, 8 am

Price : £115

CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 Kiss of Death

Here comes the most memorable collaboration, the CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 named “Kiss of Death” from 2006. This highly sought-after sneaker features see-through toe boxes and a design inspired by Chinese reflexology. By bringing back this iconic collaboration, old and new sneaker enthusiasts can appreciate this classic pair’s distinct design and cultural importance.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 09

Product Information

Colour : Red Grey

Code : 665873-106

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £105

Nike Air Max 1 Air Max Day University Red Natural Grey

In 2014, Nike scored a significant milestone in sneaker culture by orienting the first-ever Air Max Day on March 26 by realising this special edition Air Max 1 sneaker known as the “Air Max Day”. This limited release featured a unique “Sail Red” colourway, eye-catching volt Nike midsoles, and tongue branding to mark the historic day. While the retail pairs were sold in traditional boxes, promotional pairs were packaged in special “Air” packaging to create more buzz.

A Quick Recap Of Nike's Best Air Max Day Releases 10

Product Information

Colour : Dusty gold Magenta Green

Code : DQ8656-133

Release Date : TBC 8 am

Price : £130

Nike Air Max 1 PRM Wabi-Sabi

Nike’s 2021 limited edition release, the Air Max 1 “Wabi-Sabi,” pays homage to the silhouette’s anniversary with exposed stitches and additional patches. Inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy, the Air Max 1 “Wabi-Sabi” embraces imperfections and simplicity in its earthy colour scheme. The rugged and vintage look of the Air Max 1 “Wabi-Sabi” is accentuated by its distressed detailing and unique colourway.

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