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Converse All-Star BB Prototype CX: A Summer Sensation

18 May 2023

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Justin Stones

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Strap on your style steez and lace up for a summer sensation like no other. Prepare for a fresh injection of swag as we unveil the epic Converse All-Star BB Prototype CX, drenched in a crisp whiteout colourway. These beaters are straight-fire, combining next-level comfort with head-turning aesthetics.

Get ready to flex on the streets with the trendiest sneaks in town. We’re diving deep into the allure of these beasts, breaking down why they’re an absolute must-cop for all the sneakerheads out there. It’s time to level up your sneaker stash, fam. Let’s dive into this whiteout wonderland and make some serious style waves this summer.

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Converse All-Star: Heritage Meets Innovation

In the early 20th century, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company emerged in 1908, specializing in rubber-soled footwear like boots, shoes, and goloshes. It was in 1917 that Converse introduced their iconic basketball shoe, the “All-Star.”

Fast forward to today, where Converse All-Star and the innovative BB Prototype CX have united in an epic collab that blends timeless heritage with cutting-edge design. This partnership seamlessly merges the beloved Converse All-Star silhouette, renowned as the G.O.A.T, with the advanced technology found in the BB Prototype CX. This gem keeps the classic canvas upper and instantly recognizable Chuck Taylor All-Star branding intact while integrating the modern materials and responsive cushioning of the BB Prototype CX.

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Style That’s Blinding

Get ready to blind ’em with style as we unveil the head-turning Converse All-Star BB Prototype CX in its captivating whiteout colourway. These kicks are Lit, combining a dope silhouette with an all-white upper that’s impossible to ignore.

Crafted with premium fabrics, these sneakers exude quality from every angle. The collar, laces, and arch bandage provide the ultimate comfort and support, ensuring your every move is smooth and effortless. No, slipping out of these bad boys – they’ve got you covered.

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But that’s not all, my friend. The All-Star logo proudly displayed on the tongue and side of the crep is like a secret handshake among sneaker enthusiasts. It’s a subtle yet powerful detail that signifies you’re part of the exclusive Converse crew. Whether dominating the court or strutting through the streets, that All-Star logo serves as a stamp of style and credibility.

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The Rise of the Whiteout!

Well Well! Get ready for the rise of the Whiteout! The Converse All-Star BB Prototype CX, this limited edition, is dropping soon, and it’s set to make a serious buzz. With an FSR available, you can secure your perfect fit. This SE pack features symbolizing purity and sophistication. So, prepare yourself for the frenzy that’s about to ensue. The hype is real, and sneaker enthusiasts everywhere are eagerly awaiting this limited release. Don’t sleep on your chance to be part of the movement and rock the holy grail of cookies.

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Product Information

Colour : White

Code : A03697C

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £100

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