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Unleash Your Creativity: Customize Your Very Own “What The Dunk” on Nike By You!

28 July 2023

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Liam Perry

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Unleash Your Creativity Customize Your Very Own What The Dunk on Nike By You featured image

If sneaker games had kingdoms, the Nike Dunk Low would undoubtedly sit on the throne. With its resurgence in 2019, the iconic Peter Moore design of Nike Dunk Low By You “What The Dunk” is back in full force, making waves in the sneakerhead community. And now? The game just got even spicier with Nike By You’s customizable catalogue.

All About That Texture

Bored with the usual leather feel? The Dunk now lets you play around with some killer textures. Whether it’s the boldness of faux crocodile leather, the smooth elegance of classic tumbled leather, or the wild side of velvet tiger or cheetah print, your feet are in for a treat.

Unleash Your Creativity Customize Your Very Own What The Dunk on Nike By You liferstyle left front corner

Colorways For Days

The Dunk’s colour palette? Oh, it’s like a box of crayons on steroids. Although they kept it chill with the midsole, giving you the classic black, white, or “Sail” options, the rest is a sneakerhead’s dream. Deck out your kicks in up to 14 colours, from bright pastels to earthy vibes to poppin’ primary shades. And here’s the kicker: the forefoot overlays and mid-foot swooshes? Mix and match with opposing shades and textures. The creativity? Limitless!

Outfit Game: Level 100

Pairing your custom Dunks can be a blast. Think minimalist monochromes to let your sneaks do the talking, or go wild with patterns that complement that velvet tiger vibe. And for those who aren’t quite sure about nailing that killer look, check out our style guide for a rundown on making the most of your Dunks.

Unleash Your Creativity Customize Your Very Own What The Dunk on Nike By You liferstyle right front corner

Product Information

Colour : Multi-Colour

Code : TBC

Release Date : Coming Soon

Price : £120

That One-Size-Fits-All Feel

The beauty of the Nike Dunk Low By You What The Dunk? It’s not just about the looks. These bad boys feel like a hug for your feet. Whether you’re rocking a size 5 or a 12, the shoe moulds to you, giving everyone that Cinderella fit. Remember, it’s not just about how they look but how they make you feel.

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