LEGO adidas ZX 8000 Black White FY7085

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Continuing the blast from last September, here comes LEGO adidas ZX 8000 Black White in a pack of six ZX...Read More

Continuing the blast from last September, here comes LEGO adidas ZX 8000 Black White in a pack of six ZX trainers! LEGO and adidas have teamed up, and the partnership is long-term now. Just by looking at this silo, you can tell that it’s already a massively successful duo! The two companies join for awesomeness, and the distinct colour palettes prove that. For instance, this pitch-black LEGO Trefoil trainer looks stealthy and sassy. Besides, the yellow and red accents add some more sass to it.

Back in September 2020, we were amazed by the gorgeous yet playful appearance of the result of the adidas LEGO partnership. A fresh new ZX 8000 silo dropped with Yellow Blue palette and took over the sneaker tracks right away. The theme primarily stayed dusty grey. As a result, multicolour LEGO block accents (blue, green, red, and yellow) popped up. It looked like a LEGO block itself! But for this Black White silo for this week, the theme walks more on a chic track. Stretchy nylon mesh, suede, and synthetic materials basically get dominated by charcoal black. Meanwhile, yellow and red jump out as accents.

Before you look away because of the dark and mystique appearance, have a look at the Red White and Royal Blue White colourways from this Lego adidas ZX 8000 pack too. Now, let’s get into the details.

First of all, this silo is a mixed-material design so that your feet can stay warm, cosy, and fresh, regardless of the weather. This issue takes a different lane with a tonal palette of black, unlike the last release. The monochrome hues of black take over the mesh underlays, velvety overlays, and the synthetic TPU heel capsule. You can clearly see how comfortable this silo is just by looking at the ZX engineered midsole and the plush walls. Finally, red branding, white adidas Three Stripes with yellow outlines finish off this look.

LEGO adidas ZX 8000 Black White will release soon via listed UK and European retailers. Keep up with our updates because this beast can drop without any warning! Let us know at @FastSoleUK for more sneaker release date news.

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