LEGO adidas ZX 8000 Red White FY7084

Release Date:  TBC   11:00 PM GMT

£ 95

Style Code: FY7084

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Keep your schedules clear because the LEGO adidas ZX 8000 Red White could drop anytime! It’s the continuation of adidas...Read More

Keep your schedules clear because the LEGO adidas ZX 8000 Red White could drop anytime! It’s the continuation of adidas and LEGO’s long-term partnership, and the dynamic duo is already here with a pack of six different colourways. This particular one dons a rich shade of red full monochromatically, except for the white adidas Three Stripes on the sidewall and the black inner lining. However, the stripes on the sides flaunt soft yellow outlines. So, does it remind you of something? Take a closer look at this red and yellow combination and try to guess. And no, it’s not McDonald’s! Don’t worry though. We’ll unravel it right here.

Since it’s a full-monochrome red silo, the theme definitely suits the upcoming spring fashion. On top of that, the multi-material construction is at its best to keep your feet safe, snug, and sassy! For example, the premium and stretchy nylon mesh underlays let your feet breathe so that you don’t have to worry under the scorching heat. Likewise, the fuzzy suede overlays give your steps some extra support and safety.

Now, to answer the question we asked above, take another look at this red-yellow charmer and another at the LEGO emblem. Yep, that’s right! This entire silo is literally a rip-off of the toy company’s logo! It’s nothing like the sibling pairs donning Royal Blue White or Black White. Or the first release from LEGO and adidas ZX 8000, Yellow Blue.

The monochrome red shade takes over the mesh underlays, suede overlays, and the synthetic TPU heel cap at the back. The push walls and the supportive overlays keep your feet cosy, fresh, and confident, no matter what season it is. On top of that, the colourway is perfect for the fun spring days. While this silo looks like a LEGO block, the classic adidas aesthetics and modern ZX 8000 engineering are unmissable. Tonal red glazes the theme and suddenly turns soft with white stripes and yellow outlines. Finally, the black inner lining, red branding, and the midsole finish it off.

LEGO adidas ZX 8000 Red White will release soon via listed UK and European retailers. Follow @FastSoleUK for more sneaker release date news.

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